Customize your Samsung Edge lighting. It will look like another!

Every user is clear that notifications from our mobile have become vital to know what is happening at all times. Although not many are in favor of having a mobile phone with sound, the fact that the mobile lights up is always synonymous with the fact that we have received a notice on our smartphone. In addition to



Android Auto will die with Android 12. What is the alternative?

With Android Auto it is possible to access your smartphone apps from the car’s entertainment system, or even create a navigation environment directly on the device itself, to use apps such as Google Maps, Waze, and Spotify and receive calls without removing anywhere. Moment the view of the road. The app has been improving over time, however,


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You do not sleep well? This is how you will measure your sleep with your Xiaomi Mi Band

It is a fact that more and more users are switching from the analog watch to the smart one. The bad thing is that yes, we have to charge it every two or three nights, since it is not the same as putting the battery in and changing it in 5 years, but it is what



Xiaomi warns: “Either use my batteries or watch out for the consequences”

It is something that many of us do when we want to give our phone a second youth, go to a support center and change the battery of the smartphone. Normally, we can choose between using an original battery or a cheaper “white label” battery. If you decide to do the latter with your Xiaomi mobile, the brand


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Xiaomi Magic arrives, the new service to share your music

On August 10, when the Chinese manufacturer’s Mi Mix 4 was officially presented, we could already see a little of what Xiaomi Magic would mean. A new function that will reach all your devices so that we can transmit music from one to another in a simpler way. And it is that this feature will not need a price