144Hz screens will soon reach cheaper mobiles

There is no doubt that the refresh rate of the screens has become one of the main attractions for many models. And although we can already find cheap mobiles with 90Hz screens, it is difficult for us to see a higher rate in these. Something that could change very soon.

And is that the most common refresh rate among high-end mobiles is 120Hz, and sometimes 144Hz, especially in gaming mobiles. Usually this is associated with terminals with very powerful processors, something that will change shortly.

New mid-range processors

Now we have learned that Qualcomm is preparing new mid-range processors that will offer this higher refresh rate and that we only see in high-end mobiles. Specifically, the latest rumors speak of the renewal of Qualcomm’s 600 series, which will have renewed features to compete with MediaTek’s Dimensity 700 and 800, which this year have undoubtedly taken the throne of the mid-range with 5G.

It is the Qualcomm SM6375 platform that is under development by the manufacturer, specifically with eight cores, in combinations of 4x Gold cores of 2.1GHz + 4x Silver cores 1.8GHz, 4x Gold cores of 2.2GHz + 4x Silver cores 2.0GHz, of 4 Gold cores at 2.3GHz + 4x Silver cores 2.1GHz and 4 Gold cores at 2.5GHz + 4x Silver cores 2.2GHz. These new processors would be the Snapdragon 695 and 695G, both with the ability to display refresh rates of up to 144Hz. Therefore, in this way it would be possible to see mobiles with prices between 200 and 300 euros with this refresh rate, something that today is impossible to see, since this refresh rate is reserved for high-end mobiles almost exclusively.

To make up lost ground

This year MediaTek has become the chipmaker with the largest market share, something that has undoubtedly displaced Qualcomm. The Dimensity range, which has brought 5G to cheaper mobiles, has been much more popular for manufacturers than the processors of the Qualcomm 700 range, which have not been as numerous, and yes more expensive.

With these new processors, which in addition to 5G would offer these interesting features, the manufacturer seeks to make up for lost ground in recent months. Undoubtedly, a 144Hz screen in an accessible mid-range mobile can be a great excuse to get a mobile that has one of these processors.

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