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5G or 4G mobile. Which one will be better for your next mobile?

With the arrival of 5G to terminals, and its imposing expansion, it is normal for many to question whether it is worth getting a mobile that allows them to have this connection when using mobile data. Therefore, in the middle of 2021 there is no doubt that it is necessary to know what the advantages and disadvantages of 4G are with respect to this latest technology that is increasingly present.

Therefore, it is time to know its characteristics in order to solve the different questions such as knowing whether or not it is worth buying a smartphone with 5G or continuing to use a 4G mobile. Although, whether we like it or not, as the months go by and, especially for next year, the increase and quality of this fifth-generation technology will be undeniable.

How does 4G win?

When it comes time to buy a new mobile device, it is always good to question whether it is better to choose a smartphone with fourth-generation connectivity rather than a 5G one. The truth is that, today, 4G mobiles are still a viable option for the following reasons in which the fifth generation still has to improve to position itself above:

  • 5G coverage does not reach all places equally. Although it will arrive first in the cities, the truth is that, in less populated areas, there is still time for the installation of the necessary structure for the arrival of this fifth generation.
  • This technology consumes more battery than mobiles that have a fourth-generation connection. If a smartphone maintains an automatic connection with different networks, when looking for the best one, it will consume more battery. This is why many recommend deactivating this technology in case of not being able to use it continuously.
  • Having a mobile with this type of connectivity will be a higher expense for our pockets.

The best of 5G for a mobile

Although not everything was going to be negative aspects for this fifth generation. The truth is that there are more and more advantages of having a mobile device with this type of network connectivity. Therefore, we are going to explain what it means to have a smartphone today that is capable of using this fifth generation:

  • This fifth generation offers us a higher speed and lower latency (between 1 and 2 milliseconds) when connecting to the network.
  • The download speed will be faster, reaching a maximum download of 2gbps.
  • Interactions with the Internet or with the respective Cloud of each manufacturer will be instantaneous.
  • 5G is capable of connecting 100 times more devices than 4G at the same time, managing to support one million devices per square kilometer.

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