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A disappointing iPhone 13, another year without Touch ID

The iPhone 13 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated mobiles of the moment, but we will have to wait until the middle of September to be able to meet it officially. Although there is less and less enthusiasm around it, as we get to know some aspects. Like the one related to Touch ID, which is not going to return with it either.

It has undoubtedly been one of the biggest complaints by iPhone users, and more in times of pandemic, making it difficult to use it with a mask, and all this because it does not have a fingerprint reader integrated into its screen.

The iPhone will continue in its 13

This expression could not be better for us, since we are talking about something that certainly makes some Apple users despair. The stubbornness and parsimony of the brand when undertaking draft changes in its devices. With the arrival of the iPhone 12 many waited unsuccessfully to see this model incorporate a fingerprint reader integrated into the screen, a Touch ID, but nothing is further from reality. Therefore, many already took it as something assured that in this new generation that characteristic would finally appear, and from what we know now, it will not be like that either.

Once again Mark Gurman has spoken about the iPhone 13, being undoubtedly one of the analysts closest to Apple, we must take into account everything he says. And basically, it is a whole jug of cold water for those who expected to see the iPhone 13 with a fingerprint reader under the screen. Because it ensures that this new generation will not have it either, and the only biometric method that it will offer users will be Face ID, which at least this year will not have such a large notch.

No solution to the problems generated by the mask

And is that most iPhone users looked forward to this new generation finally have a Touch ID integrated into the screen, as they have so many Androids mobile models, for a simple practical reason. And it is that with a mask on, the fingerprint reader is the best possible biometric method.

In these months it has released a patch to be able to identify with the Apple Watch, but obviously not all users have access to one of these watches. A good intermediate measure would have been to adopt the Touch ID of the iPad Air, which has been integrated into the power button of this. But we imagine that it is quite difficult for Apple to give up its Face ID, a technology of which it is very proud but which today is completely out of date on a practical level.

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