Do you know what all the possible functions and combinations are for the ALT key? Here you have all the available options.

Computer scientists and experts in this type of business are real fans of shortcuts. They know almost all of them and that is how they manage to move like fish in the water . Today we want to talk to you about a very important key on your Windows keyboard: the so-called ALT.

‘m sure that I used them more than once: even to execute the Control + ALT + Delete command , which years ago was solving many of our Windows problems. Today we have set out to collect a good number of shortcuts and possible combinations for the ALT key.

If you are not a computer expert, but you are interested in being more agile when it comes to using your computer, check out these functions and combinations . Surely more than one is useful to you: it will be enough for you to learn it and use it whenever you can.


  • ALT + Space + X. Maximize a window.
  • ALT + Space + N. Minimize a window.
  • ALT + F4. Close a window
  • ALT + Space + R. Restore a window to the original size.
  • ALT + Esc. Move the keyboard focus through the windows.
  • ALT + Tab. Change from one application to another.
  • ALT + Print Screen. Activate the view in high contrast.
  • ALT + numerical keyboard. Get symbols.

But there are other interesting combinations that can also be very useful. These are:

  • ALT + Control + ª / º key. To write the sign \
  • ALT + Control + Key 1. To write the sign |
  • ALT + Control + Key 2. To write the @ sign
  • ALT + Control + Key 3. To write the sign #
  • ALT + Control + Key 4. To write the sign ~
  • ALT + Control + Key 6. To write the sign ¬
  • ALT + Control + E key. To write the € sign
  • ALT + Control + `key. To write the sign [
  • ALT + Control + + key. To write the sign]
  • ALT + Control + Key. To write the sign {
  • ALT + Control + ç key. To write the sign}

Another interesting option is to open the different tools within the program in which we find ourselves. You can press the ALT + Letter key in the toolbar and open the menu that corresponds to that letter. It can be in Microsoft Word or in any other program with which we work. You can use any of the following combinations:

  • ALT + A to access “File”
  • ALT + E to access “Edit”
  • ALT + V to access “View”
  • ALT + I to access “Insert”
  • ALT + F to access “Format”
  • ALT + H to access “Tools”
  • ALT + L to access “Table”
  • ALT + N to access “Window”

Then there is the possibility of making other combinations with the ALT GR key . It is another option that you have at your disposal and that if you find it useful, you can also use it often:

  • ALT Gr + 2. To type the @ symbol
  • ALT Gr + E. To type the € symbol
  • ALT Gr + Y. Used to move the cursor to the beginning
  • ALT Gr + I. Allows us to preview
  • ALT Gr + O. Add numbered footnotes
  • ALT Gr + K. Include a hyperlink
  • ALT Gr + 4 + space. To type the symbol ~
  • ALT Gr + G + space. If you have the Google bar installed, you can go directly to the text field

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