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Android 12 causes more tears among users

Android 12 brings many new functions for users but the great design change that is applied to the interface is not being liked at all. Last week there were many who complained about the appearance of the new shutdown menu and now it is the fonts and system icons that concentrate the anger of users who have already tried the software.

With the Pixel 4, Google introduced the application of themes of their phones giving the possibility to users to alter a good number of elements of the interface of the phone, something more typical of the layers of customization based on Android than the operating system itself. the company. Thus, this new app allowed changing the font, the shape of the icon and the accent color on the brand’s devices.

Soon this tool reached more phones, not only the Pixels running Android 10, but several OEMs such as ASUS and Motorola that also incorporated these features into their software. However, Google is changing this possibility in Android 12.

The “penalties” of beta 3 of Android 12

The bad news, and one that users rightly complain about, is that now the firm has decided to dispense with editing the font, icon shape, and accent color customizations in Android 12. The reason is that the Pixel Themes app, based on the Android overlay theming framework, is being replaced by the new dynamic theme system in the new version of the software.

It really is more customizable, but it does not have the custom styles that Google introduced in Android 10, that is, say goodbye to font overlays, the ability to alter the shapes of the icons and say goodbye to the accent color adjustments of the firmware.

Some users have complained on the company’s support page, Google Issue Tracker, where a worker has confirmed that this is not a bug, but a company decision.

Of course, it seems that some users are not happy with the change, regardless of all the new features.

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