Android Auto will die with Android 12. What is the alternative?

With Android Auto it is possible to access your smartphone apps from the car’s entertainment system, or even create a navigation environment directly on the device itself, to use apps such as Google Maps, Waze, and Spotify and receive calls without removing anywhere. Moment the view of the road.

The app has been improving over time, however, Google also offers a similar experience with Google Assistant and its Driving Mode that arrived in our country, without many even knowing it, a few months ago. So now, to avoid working on two almost identical systems, the company has opted for the most radical decision, ending with Android Auto.

Goodbye Android Auto, hello Google Assistant

In order to work with a single global Android experience for cars, Google confirmed to 9to5Google that Android Auto will be abandoned on all those phones running Android 12 in favor of the car mode Google Assistant: For those who use Android Auto in vehicles compatible, this experience will not stop there, but those who do it via the Google app will be redirected to the Google Assistant car mode.

Starting with Android 12, Google Assistant Car mode will be the integrated mobile driving experience. We have no further details to share at this time.

The good news is that Google Assistant Car Mode is not much different from what we already know. In fact, it is easier to use and is present in a much larger number of smartphones, since it is a native application, even having a dedicated button on some devices. The negative part is that once again users will be forced to make use of an assistant that perhaps listens and knows much more about us than we think.

How is the assistant’s car mode

The integration of the assistant with the car is done through Google Maps, the app that we usually use to guide us on our routes on the road. While driving using the company’s navigation app, we are given the opportunity to check notifications, view messages, make calls or control music playback, all with our voice and from Google Maps itself.

To configure it, you must enter the Google Assistant Settings and, in the search bar, select “Transport”. On this screen, at the bottom, you will find the «Driving mode» menu. Grant the requested permissions and you’re done. The mode will work automatically when using Google Maps.

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