Apple buys Asaii, a music analytics company

Asaii is an analytics company to detect trends that could be the germ for a better recommendation of songs or artists in Apple Music.

Apple is leaving with purchases related to their music service. With the recent authorization of Shazam and the agreement with Genius, and two new features with which to enhance your service, and it seems that your latest purchase only confirms the trend that wants to go for all with Apple Music. And the company has been made with Asaii, a music analysis service whose motto was to * find the next Justin Bieber. “Almost nothing.

Asaii is a music analytics company whose main product is a control panel that analyzes music services and social networks to help planning releases and trends in real time, especially focused on record companies. The interesting thing about its technology is that it is able to detect trends and generate analysis about new artists outside the mainstream to precisely boost their career, hence the “find the next Justin Bieber”, even anticipate trends a year before explode, at least in their words.

Details of the purchase are few: according to Axios The acquisition would have closed with a total for Apple of less than $ 100 million and is the second purchase of the company focused on music this year, just behind Shazam in importance level.

At the moment we will have to be aware of the movement around the Apple service, in which for some time we have not seen any news beyond recommended music lists or the top musicals by country, so the incorporation of Asaii technology It can be interesting for us to recommend music.

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