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Apple has the “enemy” inside. Criticisms of the security of iOS 15

One of the most controversial measures of recent times by Apple continues to be talked about. No one liked the decision to allow the analysis of user images and that now also includes their own employees who turn against the brand.

As much as Apple has tried to explain how the intelligent system that will be responsible for recognizing images on the iPhone will work to only personally review those that are out of “normality”, this does not seem to have been the solution. Other times the measures imposed by Apple have ended up being accepted, although this time it seems that everything works against them.

A security measure that does not convince

After the open letter and signed by thousands of Apple users, it has been the employees who have left their complaints against the company to the Slack group for this measure that they find inappropriate. A change that goes against the precise use of the company because it directly affects privacy, something that Apple has been boasting for a long time in its advertising spots.

More than 800 messages have been published by the firm’s employees expressing dissatisfaction with the measure. A rejection that as explained from Apple insider does not come from the privacy or security departments. The problem centers on the little peace of mind that this offers, since the images are thought that they could be used inappropriately.

IOS 15 child protection in the spotlight

Although from the beginning the company has tried to speak of this tool as a security measure to locate and stop the spread of inappropriate images about children, the system does not convey the necessary security. On the part of the employees, they have tried to provide solutions, such as end-to-end encryption that guarantees greater peace of mind, as some even doubt that this data could reach governments.

For now, the measure remains in place, with a planned launch on all iPhones with iOS 15 for the fall, but without a specific date. We will have to wait for once the time has come, to know what decisions Apple makes, how it implements it or if everything turns against it to move forward. Surely Google with Android and the rest of the manufacturers are willing to welcome all those who are looking for an alternative, but we should know that Google or Microsoft have already used this mechanism for a long time.

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