Apple patent unveils possible feature to block phone spam on iPhones

Fed up of receiving Spam calls at odd hours? Surely you recognize the situation and how annoying it can be. A point where Apple would be working if we stick to the information released by the application for a patent. It shows a system by which iPhones could automatically detect telephone spam to inform the user.

The business of collecting, selling and circulating personal data derives in one way or another from commercial and similar calls. Calls that, in general, are annoying and inopportune. A problem about which smartphone manufacturers and software development firms work to avoid. In fact, brands such as Samsung include in their smartphones applications such as Hiya that detects telephone spam . Apple could follow the same path if we rely on one of its latest patents registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple against telephone spam

There is no certainty that a company’s patent guarantees us that it will become a finished, commercial product. However, in this case there are many reasons to believe that Apple has serious intentions to bring to their iPhones the technology specified in the new patent applied for today.

The information published by the US Patent and Trademark Office details the system by which Apple would have the ability to recognize telephone Spam calls and inform the user of the same through the screen of their iPhone.

An option that would allow him to reject the call or block it. Undoubtedly, a functionality that would be very applauded by the owners of the phone of the bitten apple.

This news comes after knowing the plans of the multinational to include the option of unwanted communications in iOS 12 as part of its fight against telephone spam. Therefore, the technology patented by the company could well be a backup for the option of telemarketing call reports offered to developers last June.

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