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Apple updates iOS 15 and adds the most anticipated novelty by all

The third beta of iOS 15 is already among us and brings with it a lot of news that can be seen with the naked eye, mainly because there are changes in the design of some elements. In addition, we will also have some changes in quality. Although, one of the most important news is found in the simple fact that the problems will finally end when trying to update the iPhone and not have enough storage.

The truth is that the iOS 15 update system section is the one that has benefited the most from these changes. Basically because, from this version of the Cupertino operating system, you can update the system, even if you don’t have space on the iPhone. Or well, rather, when you have very little space. The third beta of this new version includes a function that will help to alleviate the demands that are established when updating the software of iPhones.

Goodbye to trouble updating with iOS 15

The latest beta of Apple’s operating system, which reached developers on July 14, brought with it not only changes in some system apps, such as Safari or Focus mode, which we will see later. Also, we find this important advance in the question of the weight that it will mean for the storage of our terminal when updating it.

In this way, iOS 15 will allow its users to be able to update the system even if we have less than 500 MB of available storage. That is to say, this great change will provide an important solution to all those users who have problems with this, since they have little internal memory in their terminals. So those users who have an older model with less storage are now in luck.

More news on iOS

Another change that we have found in the third beta is the redesign of Safari for the iPhone. This time, we can see how the universal address bar will stay glued to the keyboard instead of moving to the top when we click on it from the bottom of the panel of our mobile device. In addition, the search results will now be displayed at the top and also with a Reload option within the menu that we display with the button with three dots.

And not only do we find these changes, but the Focus mode button now has a larger size and in the Concentration States option it will show us a preview of what other people will see when they want to contact us. In addition, we will have new shortcuts for Background Sounds and more App Store welcome screens, Reminders, Notes and more.

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