Audials Play, the most complete radio app for your mobile

Nowadays fewer and fewer mobiles have FM radio and many of us turn to third-party applications to listen to our favorite stations. After testing dozens of them, it is quite clear that one of the best that has passed through our phone is Audials Play.

When we look for an app to listen to the radio in Spain, it is quite common to find programs that offer the possibility of listening to many stations. But we want to go further and instead of settling with “just listening” we want this app to put different options and functions in our hands that expand the way we enjoy our favorite stations.

This is where Audials Play is unrivaled, as it has thousands of tuning options, more than 10,000 stations around the globe, the option to listen to podcasts, configure recordings, and countless other extras.

More than 10,000 stations on your Android

Audials Play is a free application (which also does not show any banner in the application, nor does it play ads)
that we can download directly from Google Play. You just have to install it on your Android smartphone to get immediate access to no more and no less than 36,000 stations classified by state and genre, as well as 10,000 perfectly categorized stations. To this we add the availability of more than 260,000 Podcasts, that is, content for several lives.

When we talk about offering something more than stations, we are not only talking about American podcasts and stations, but also about functions that allow, for example, to organize our favorite content around 120 different genres or the possibility of recording audio. Not just entire shows, but individual themes as well.

Before tuning in to your favorite program, you can take a look at the programming of what is being broadcast live and, through its simple and efficient search function, you will be able to find all the stations and podcasts you want.

Other highlights of the radio app are the possibility of connecting to a Smart TV via Chromecast, using the radio as a clock, setting timers, adjusting the audio to your liking with its equalizer and full compatibility with Android Auto.

Do you listen to the radio on your PC? There is also a version for Windows

When you get home or work and want to put your phone aside, you can continue using the application on a computer. The app has a version for PC, Audials Play for Windows where all its functions are intact, whether it is listening to music, playing videos, tuning the radio, storing podcasts, etc.

You can use your local files as a source or enjoy all the online content that the player has access to, being not only a program to listen to the radio from the computer without rival, but also a complete multimedia player.

Of course, both the Android app and this version for Windows can be synchronized to change the listening device, but not the content, depending on your daily activity. Go out of home? Turn on your mobile, connect the app to Android Auto, get to the gym and continue listening to your content from your smartphone. Simpler impossible.

If you still ask the app for more, there is a premium version Audials One 2021, on sale this month, with which you can enjoy music and videos faster, easier and with a very high quality.

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