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Can they copy your card through the mobile’s NFC?

More and more people are encouraged to carry bank cards on their smartphone. It does not matter if it is an Android mobile or it is an iPhone, in any case there are those who doubt that we can be totally calm about carrying them on the phone. That is why many choose to turn the NFC on and off, each time they prepare to pay at a store.

With the intention of ending this myth or reality, we are going to explain the keys to this. Hoping that in this way you feel much more relaxed about using NFC technology and that you do not have to worry at all about this aspect. Sometimes the news that we can see or read does not tell us the whole truth and that is where unfounded fears begin to be created.

The mobile’s NFC is copy-safe

Although it may seem very simple to use, the truth is that NFC technology has many security barriers prior to making a payment with the cards. Before completing payments, the smartphone has to identify that it is in front of a secure dataphone, which must have an identification number that registers various relevant data with our bank, such as:

  • The place where the transaction is taking place with the exact location.
  • The information of the company to which the payment is sent.
  • The exact amount to pay.
  • This helps the phone to collect all that data and perform an instant check in the cloud with our bank to give the “okay”. In the case of a purchase that exceeds a certain price (which is usually 50 euros), we will also have a barrier as important as the security PIN of the card that only we must know and without which nothing can be done.

·         Walking down the street, no one will copy your card

  • The fear that many have of the possibility that they will copy our card is based on the fact that carrying the NFC of the activated mobile phone they claim they can approach us and copy the data from the phone without us noticing before an agglomeration of people. Several previous steps are necessary that offer us total security on the cards, even higher on the smartphone than it can give us to carry them physically.
  • To begin with, we will not be able to issue any payment or complete any access to the data without first having unlocked the smartphone. It does not matter if we use the facial unlocking, fingerprint reader or a PIN, in order to access the cards, it is necessary to have access to the system. In many cases, we also have to access the banking app in question or it will not even work.
  • All this without forgetting that the contact must be very close and that is that the NFC ensures that there is a rapprochement between the dataphone and the upper part of the smartphone, where the medium that exchanges the information is usually placed. It is impossible for any data to be transmitted without the distance being millimeter or physical contact.

·         Therefore, can we have the cards on the mobile without fear?

  • We can be totally calm carrying the cards on the mobile, nobody will be able to access them to issue charges or to copy all the data. The only thing they can do is try without success, encountering an error that will prevent them from even knowing the name of the card. Only in movies and series will we come across this, but not in real life with the technologies we currently enjoy.
  • As an extra barrier, we can always carry the mobile with us with the NFC off if we do not use it daily and activate it only when we go to make payments. That average already depends on us. At least it is something very fast, since you only have to activate it from the control center of the smartphone.

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