Change the font on your Xiaomi with MIUI

The late Steve Jobs, who was thanks to his calligraphy classes in his university days, said that the first Mac integrated different types of fonts, something that, according to Jobs himself, Windows would later copy. Now, our own mobiles can change their fonts to offer a design more according to the tastes and personalities of each one. Today we wanted to tell you how to do it on Xiaomi terminals thanks to its personalization layer known as MIUI.

The personalization of a smartphone is something very important for users. And it is no longer only the exterior aesthetics when adding a case or case matters, but the wallpaper and even the font are also important. Over time they have become elements that can give our device more personality to try to make it different from the rest.

For this reason, Xiaomi phones with MIUI, which are full of secret functions, can also change the font, although it is an option that is not within sight, just like the secret codes of the layer itself. of software.

Modify the font on your Xiaomi

Luckily, the mobiles of the Chinese firm have a little trick with which we will stop using the typography that comes by default on their smartphones. So not only will we have the option to modify its size, but also the font we want and its color.

Although, changing the font will have a number of system-wide implications. In this way, we can see the new font in the menus and the names of the applications. In order to do so, the first thing we will have to do is change the region of our phone. However, this functionality will only be equipped in the firm’s terminals that have a MIUI 9 version onwards. If this is the case in your case, it is time to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Then click on Additional Settings.
  3. Enter the Region section.
  4. Now we will have to put India in the search engine and apply the changes.

Once we have carried out all these steps, we will have to go to the Themes application. When we are inside, we will see that a new option has now been activated represented by a capital “T” at the bottom along with the rest of the different options that we will have visible.

If we tap on this option, a huge number of different font types will appear before us. So here we can download those that we like the most and fit what we were looking for from the beginning, since later we will have them available to change at the time we decide.

How to apply the changes to the Xiaomi typography

After having downloaded those fonts that we like the most, it will be time to apply the changes so that the design of the letter changes completely on our mobile device. For this, we will have to touch on our profile and on Sources to see all the ones we have downloaded. Then, when we decide which one, we want to set as the default font, we will only have to select it and click on Apply.

At that moment, the terminal itself will tell us that we must restart the mobile device for the modification to be applied correctly. Therefore, we will have to click on the restart option for the changes to take effect. Once the terminal is operational again, we will see how the font has changed.

Once the font is applied, it will remain operational, even when we turn off or restart the terminal. In addition, when it is installed, we will be able to relocate our region to our usual country. However, whenever you want to download more fonts, you will always have to repeat the same steps that we have taught you, since there will be no other way to get more font styles.

Customize the size and its color on your mobile with MIUI

The best of all is that within the settings offered by a smartphone of the Asian brand with MIUI, it is the possibility that we will make the decision whether or not we want to modify the size of the text that is displayed on the mobile panel, like this as the color it will always have. So, if you think it is too thin, stylized or thick, you can adjust it as you wish as follows:

  1. Enter your phone’s settings.
  2. Access the Screen section.
  3. Click on the Text size section and choose the one you like the most. You will have the possibility to choose the following: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

If in your case the size of the font is not a problem and you like how it has been after applying the changes, you will also have the possibility to modify the color of the font you have chosen. To do this, you will have to perform the following steps:

  1. Access your Xiaomi settings.
  2. Click on the Screen section.
  3. Enter the Color Scheme option. Inside you can select the color for the font you have chosen for your smartphone with MIUI. And you will have the possibility to change the temperature, the saturation index and the contrast.

Use the default font and change its size

Maybe when the time is right you decide that it is time to go back to the default version, since you have completely tired of how the texts look on your smartphone from the Chinese firm. Luckily, the steps to get back to its default shape are really easy to follow and won’t take much effort. If this is your case, you must do these steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Display> System Font.
  2. The Themes app will open by itself.
  3. Click on My Sources.
  4. Choose the predefined MIUI font, which is called Roboto.

In addition, on Xiaomi phones we can also choose the size we want without having to modify the region of our phone. In this way, we will avoid unnecessary steps, if so, you will have to access Settings> Display> Font size.

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