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Completely change the home screen of your OPPO mobile

Each Android mobile device has different options that allow us to add a more personal touch to our smartphone, such as customizing its home screen. Although today, we will focus on OPPO phones, which feature the ColorOS customization layer. In addition, more and more this company has managed to consolidate itself in the terminal market, also boasting of having its own software that allows us to do practically everything.

However, depending on the version that we have in the terminal, we will choose with a greater number of possibilities. Therefore, the more updated we have the operating system of our mobile device, the more options we will have at our fingertips to be able to customize it to our needs. And it is that the appearance is essential in a phone. For this reason, we will explain all the settings that you can configure to give a makeover to the home screen of your OPPO.

Change the display of your OPPO icons

Among the different functions offered by the software layer of this brand of smartphones, we will not only find the fact that we can change its backgrounds for the initial panel, create tones, among other options. Rather, one of its most attractive points is that it will let us configure the display of the icons so that they are displayed in one arrangement or another on the home panel of our smartphone.

Previously, OPPO phones had one of those features that allowed us to change the size of the icon design on the home panel. However, since the last update, it will only allow us to reorganize these icons of the software that we have without changing the size. Therefore, we will only have the option to modify the design, but without being able to increase it.

However, the way to access the settings and these functions may differ from those you can find on your mobile device, as it will vary depending on the version of the customization layer that you have installed on your phone. Although, the steps should be similar. Therefore, if what you want is to modify the display of the icons, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • First access your phone’s settings.
  • Tap on the Home screen and lock screen option.
  • Enter the Home screen layout section.

Once inside, we can choose between two options. The first alternative is to have a 4 x 6 design, that is, four app icons per line. While, in the second option, it will be 5 x 6, so we would be adding one more app on the line within the initial panel of our Android device. This means that with this last alternative, we will have a more compressed panel, so we can see more apps on a single screen.

Put animated backgrounds on the home panel

As we are seeing, the interface found in OPPO phones, ColorOS, is characterized by offering us different methods to configure it to our liking. In this way, we will be able to personalize each of its elements to our style. And it is that, other of the advantages of having a mobile of this brand, is the fact that we can add active funds to the initial panel of our smartphone.

In addition, it will not be necessary to have any type of third-party software on the phone itself, since it is one of those functionalities that is integrated into their phones. However, what we will need is that we have a version of ColorOS 6.0 or higher on our mobile device. More than anything, because this feature began to be added from that version of its software layer.

If in your case you do not know if you have this ColorOS update, you can quickly check it in Settings> About phone. Once inside, it will show you which version you have installed on your OPPO smartphone. In case of having it, we can begin to configure the home panel so that we can enjoy the different wallpapers that it will let us choose.

To do this, the first step we must take is to access the system settings of our phone. Then, we will have to look for the home screen and wallpaper section and then enter it and select the option to Set wallpaper. In this way, we will enter the world of funds that come in the mobile phones of the Asian manufacturer.

Therefore, once we are in this menu, we can choose between a fixed or dynamic background. It will even leave us the option to choose an image among the photographs that we have stored in the phone’s gallery. But, in this case, we are interested in those that are animated. So, we will have to select some of the options that have movement.

Then, to have one of these features on the home panel, we just have to click on one of those shown as Dynamic Backgrounds. We will also have a faster access path with which we can configure it. We will only have to pinch the touch panel of our smartphone so that different options are displayed, among which will be the Funds.

Edit your desktop icons

The OPPO interface has all kinds of options to increase customization, but since the arrival of ColorOS 7 we have the advantage of being able to customize the icons on the desktop of our smartphone more than ever. We have already seen how to change their display, since we have not been able to configure the size of these for some time. However, we will be able to modify its shape, aesthetics, interior and text.

And it is that the only requirement that we will need will be to have the icon editor that was added in the version that we have mentioned above. Therefore, to change these icons we will not need any type of third-party interface package or any theme installed on our mobile device.

therefore, in order to find this configuration menu, we will have to access the settings of the home panel and look for the option to change the style of the icon. In case you already have ColorOS 11, the path will be Settings> Customizations> Icon style. In addition, we will not only be able to modify the appearance of the OPPO system apps, but also of any third-party software that you have downloaded through the Play Store.

If you are not able to find this setting, we can also access it by pinching on the initial panel of the smartphone to display the customization menu. Then, we will have to click on the Icons option and choose the style that we like the most. Also, if we select the ART + Icon’s option, we can apply custom configurations to their interfaces.

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