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Configure your Huawei mobile: And start using it for the first time!

When launching a new smartphone there can always be doubts about which settings are absolutely necessary to start using the terminal and which ones are not. And it is that many times we waste too much time with those adjustments that are not in a hurry at first, since later they can be done without any type of hurry so that, in this way, we can start using it quickly.

For this reason, if in your case you have just got hold of one of the Huawei phones, you should be clear that if it is one of the new models, you will not have the services offered by Google, that is, its app store, Google Protect, among many other qualities. However, it is not the end of the world, because we will show you what the essential settings will be so that you can start using your mobile phone for the first time without having to waste another second of your time in those configurations that are dispensable for now.

The essentials of the Huawei welcome tutorial

As soon as we turn on our new Huawei smartphone for the first time, we will have to perform a series of actions, some of which will be totally necessary and others we will be able to omit so that we do not lose more of our time at that moment. For this reason, we will explain some of the configurations that you will need to do to be able to use it as soon as you turn it on.

Set the language and region

As soon as you press the power button on our terminal, one of the first steps that every smartphone has will be to adjust both the language and the region in which we live. The first will be essential, since it will be the language that the mobile device will use. While the country will also be necessary for the terminal to configure the time and date itself so that we do not have to do it manually. In addition, at the beginning of the configuration we can mark Assistance for reading at home that it is difficult for us to read the panel of the mobile device. Once our options are set, we will have to click on Start> Next.

Insert your SIM card

We cannot forget to first insert our SIM card into the smartphone. To do this, you will have to find the slot, open it and insert it correctly. To remove it, we will help ourselves with the skewer and we will place it. Then, it will be time to enter the PIN code of the card. In the event that you have not inserted it, do not worry, because the mobile itself will indicate that there is no card. This step can be skipped, but in order to have mobile data and for the smartphone itself to recognize your operator, it will be necessary to add that card.

You will need to have a Huawei ID

Another of the changes that we have experienced in the mobiles of this brand is that it will no longer be necessary to have a Google account. More than anything because since the US sanction, the new terminals of the Chinese firm no longer have the services of the Mountain View company. However, it will be essential to have a Huawei ID to be able to use its different applications such as Cloud, Find my phone, its AppGallery application store, among many other tools.

If you do not have an account created, since until then you had used a smartphone from the Chinese firm with GMS, you will have to click on Forgot your password or do not have a Huawei ID? > Create a Huawei ID. Then, it will be necessary to enter the country of origin, your phone number to receive an access code, and then add a password and your date of birth. Finally, you will have to click on Register.

Protect your mobile device

This section can be omitted, but we recommend that you configure it as soon as possible so that your new mobile is totally safe. Therefore, it will be the turn to configure the protection of the device so that no unauthorized person can access it. And they will not only be important to unlock the mobile device itself, but it will be necessary to make payments with the terminal itself. In addition, Huawei phones offer us three possibilities: configure fingerprint ID, face recognition and password.

Customize your smartphone as you want

One of the last sections of Huawei within its own welcome tutorial will be that of Navigation gestures. In this section they will show us first-hand how we will have to use the mobile device based on the navigation gestures. In addition, it will offer us a short summary in which step by step it will indicate what we will have to do to learn how to use them easily.

Once done, we can start using our smartphone normally. However, this section offers us some customization for our mobile device. To find the gesture control, we will have to go to Settings> System> System navigation. When we are in this section, we can choose between the following options:

  • Gestures: with this option the virtual bar will disappear from the bottom of the smartphone screen, so we can move through the different screens by sliding our finger on the mobile panel.
  • Navigation with three keys: it will be the menu that comes by default on the smartphone. With the three classic buttons to go back, to the main menu and open tabs.
  • Navigation dock: with this option a superimposed button will be displayed on the screen with which, by holding down, we will be able to perform different functionalities.


And not only can we choose how to navigate our new Huawei, but it will also be time to see different customizations that EMUI offers us. Therefore, we will start by customizing the home and / or lock screen. More than anything so that we can give the device a different look.

We just have to enter Settings> Main screen and wallpaper and select the section we want to modify: Always show on screen, Change covers, Themes and Wallpaper. So now we can choose between the funds that the terminal brings, choose one from our gallery

Nor can we forget the sound of our smartphone, since we will have the possibility to adjust it to our needs. To do this, we will have to enter Settings> Sounds and vibration and click on Ringtone, Message tone or Notification tone. In addition, in each of them it will let us choose between a song that is preset on the mobile or choose some music that we like the most that we have in the terminal. And if we want to configure the vibration, we will have to select the pattern that we like the most.

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