Control your home without moving with your Samsung mobile

The reality is that, today, it is possible for any user to automate many of the most basic functions of their home simply by having a mobile phone, in this case, Samsung. Of course, it will also depend on the technology of the different appliances that each person has. Although, for many people it is no longer news that heating, lighting or other appliances can be controlled by software or by voice commands that have previously been configured.

In addition, with the software that comes in Samsung mobiles known as SmartThings it is even possible that we can reduce the consumption of electricity, gas and water. And not only this, but it will also give us the possibility of improving both the security and the comfort of our home. These systems can be run both inside and outside the home, since they are wireless or wired systems and their installation is minimal. However, the only indispensable condition is the fact of having a good Wi-Fi network that covers the entire house.

What is this Samsung tool about?

For those who have not discovered it yet, SmartThings is the main Samsung application that offers us the possibility of controlling all our devices that we have in our homes from our own mobile phone. Basically, we are facing a “Google Home”, but from Samsung.

As we said, it allows us to control the different smart devices that we have linked to this software from a smartphone from the South Korean company. In other words, this tool is based on the intelligence of the cloud that makes it possible for our home to become intelligent and, above all, to make it work.

For this, it will be necessary to have the complementary application that you use to control everything. Although, mobile devices from Galaxy S8 or later already have this software tool pre-installed in their operating system. However, apart from the fact that it will be relevant to have a terminal of this brand, we will need to have a center, which we will configure later using said software.

One of the most basic is the SmartThings Hub, and this device resembles a router a bit. Once we have one, we will only need to connect these products to other compatible devices, such as light bulbs, sockets, thermostats, door locks or televisions. Then, from the Samsung app itself, it will let us remotely program our devices.

For example, from there it will leave us the alternative of creating rules such as “when the door has been closed for 60 seconds, lock it automatically” or “if the front door is opened, automatically turn on the lights.” We can even configure different routines or chains of multiple actions.

These will be adjusted in such a way so that they are activated automatically at certain times of the day that we want. Another example that we find in this software is if we want our coffee maker to start preparing coffee at an exact time in the morning. Or, set our alarm clock to go off at the time we choose every day.

New SmartThings interface

In addition, over time Samsung has been complementing its software even more, in order to make it more intuitive so that it is much easier to use by anyone who does not know much about technology.

In the latest SmartThings update, we find a new interface, which serves, in short, to give an important change so that we are more aware users that in the quick panel at the top of our Samsung mobile we have this service. This design change has come because, many users, had already complained that they had not easily discovered where it was.

Therefore, the objective of this new interface, apart from improving the experience of people when using it, is to enhance the fact that the connection of the different devices compatible with our terminal under the same Wi-Fi network in our home is more only. In addition to that, with this new design, everything is put in its place. In this way, it allows us to offer a cleaner experience with respect to the visual.

For this reason, it is now much easier to discover new possibilities of use in the connected home through a design that is divided into different functionalities, specifically, in the following five different categories:

  • Favorites: This is the new SmartThings home panel. In addition, it brings together the devices, scenes and services that we use the most so that we always have them in mind.
  • Devices: it allows us as users to be able to see and control the different compatible devices that we have installed on the network such as televisions, light bulbs, electrical appliances, among many others.
  • Life: this section will allow us to discover new SmartThings services. Also, it has been added to learn about new features like SmartThings Cooking.
  • Automations: it will allow us to program different tasks. As long as we have connected our terminal to said device.
  • Menu: this will be in charge of having the rest of the functions of said software, such as Notifications, History and Settings.

Control your home with your Samsung mobile

Once we are inside the app, we can manage all our settings without having to move from where we are. However, to use it from anywhere the different devices will have to be added.

We will do it with a television as an example, since Samsung has the possibility of controlling Smart TV televisions from the mobile with this software. Of course, both devices, as in other cases of products that appear in the previous image, must be connected to the same wireless network. In order for it to work, it needs to be labeled ” Works with Smarthings.” This can be found in televisions, air conditioners, washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, among others.

Therefore, once inside we must go to the Personal Devices section. Then, click on the plus icon that appears in the upper right and select TV. In addition, it also offers us the possibility of connecting them through a QR code scanner or search nearby (if it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network).

After clicking on that option, we must click on Samsung> TV and it will let us select the location and place in the house where the screen in question that we want to link is located. Then, we must turn on our television and click on the arrow that appears in the lower right. In this way, it will start looking for it and once our television appears, we will have to click on it. Finally, it is time to enjoy the different options that they give us, such as turning off the screen or increasing the volume.

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