Do not follow these tips if you want your mobile to be hacked

In recent times we have had to live with endless attacks that have been focused on directly damaging users. The theft of data, information or files has become a common issue and therefore, now more than ever we must try to avoid hacks on mobile phones for everything we store on them.

As our fellow glasses Geek explains on the YouTube channel, these attacks are not difficult to avoid in most cases. The only thing we need to know is a series of tips with what we should not do and what we should do at certain times with the smartphone. To be well informed and not make any mistakes, both advanced users and those who do not control too much, should take a look at the video in addition to knowing the following tips to the letter.

The risks away from our mobile

There is no totally secure mobile, nor is there a tool that will save us from all dangers. The best security measure that we can apply to our mobile is called common sense, care and a lot of mischief. With all this and the advice that we are going to know, it will be very difficult for someone to access our mobile. Hackers often take advantage of mistakes and our mistakes to get to the mobile.

Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind is that you only have to trust official sources, both for applications, files or other data. If at any time we need something of dubious origin, it will be better to download it on a different device where we do not have important data or bank accounts.

Do not connect to any network or device

Now that mobile data rates have grown exponentially, it is no longer necessary to connect to an open Wi-Fi network or of dubious origin, so we recommend that you do not trust all the ones you come across along the way. From the Wi-Fi networks there have been many attacks on mobile phones and they could cause us not to get a big scare.

But this is not limited only to WiFi, we also have to focus on Bluetooth connections, from which if someone with bad intentions could ask us to receive a file. Whenever we do not know what or who it is, we must reject it.

Don’t trust SMS

In recent times, most of the attacks directed at mobiles have come through a traditional text message. In them they can offer us an offer, a discount on a service or any product that may interest you for a better price than usual. Sometimes they also resort to the method of impersonating banks or official entities, before which we must quickly flee and erase the message.

Nobody is going to give us something or give us a great discount through an SMS, in any case they will notify us with their official phone number or even do it personally. These messages also usually contain a link that does not correspond to the official website of the platforms or even the name that appears will be misspelled.

Use double verification whenever you can

A protection measure that we should always have activated in the available services is the double verification mechanism. In this way we will have an extra security based on an SMS code that will reach us when trying to enter a social network, email account or any other service.

However, that implies that our card becomes an object of desire and we will have to take special care with SIM Swapping. This method is based on hijacking our SIM with a duplicate to try to get hold of those text messages that will allow entering the banks or any smartphone app that uses this measure.

Strong passwords and a good safeguard

Although many times we have heard that the password should not be as simple as our date of birth, there are many who continue to choose the easier one. This is what we must first avoid and so that it is not a problem to write a more complex password as well as a different one, we have at our disposal a system to store and use them quickly.

There are many reliable apps that we can find on Google Play or the App Store for this purpose, but we also recommend that you trust both Google with its password system and Apple through the possibility of storing and consulting them whenever we need them. No matter how complex the password is, it will not take us more eternal time to remember or find it with these mechanisms.

Stay ahead of attacks with backup

All security is low and therefore, in addition to following all the advice that we have seen so far, it is key to generate backup copies of our mobile. The simplest option is with Google Drive on Android or iCloud on iPhones, storing in them from our passwords, to the photos and even the apps that we have installed. This way if we ever have a scare, we won’t lose anything along the way.

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