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Do you always have bad coverage? It is not your operator’s fault

Who more or less has had to live at some point with situations where they needed to use their mobile to make a call or to connect to the internet using mobile data, but it has been impossible? When we tend to have little or no coverage, we blame our company, but it is not always to blame.

The place where we are has a lot to do with coverage and that is why we are going to review the places with the worst coverage in which we can be. This can help you even if you are thinking of moving, so that you take it into account before choosing a flat or house and look at the signal you have before on your mobile before deciding.

Nobody gets rid of the elevator

No matter how good a signal our operator has in the area where we are and although our mobile has all possible bands, the elevator in a metal box where electrical signals are not capable of penetrating. On the outside of the elevator, we are going to find positive charges and negative charges due to the material itself, causing the coverage inside to be zero.

This has, however, points in its favor, given that in the event of a lightning strike, we will find ourselves in an isolated area free of danger that will protect us as it happens in airplanes. Given how fast the elevators are, it would be surprising if we are going to need a mobile phone in those few seconds, although in an emergency, they always have a button for those moments.

Very crowded places

These coverage failures can also occur at a time when we are around many people, be it on a crowded beach, in a stadium or at a concert. The coverage antennas are not adapted to withstand such a load of data in the area and by having to distribute the signal among more users, it causes that the coverage is very limited for all of them. In recent times work has been done on it, but there are still situations where we cannot get rid of it.

At the top of the mountain, in the field or on boats

Places where we should not be surprised to be left without coverage are in those where the antennas do not exist. It even occurs in some towns with few inhabitants, although luckily in Spain this happens rarely. As there is no demand for connection, the operators have not bothered to bring the signal there or the areas where it does exist are based merely on offering coverage for calls and much less, we will find 4G or 5G.

The mountains being above the level of their own before are outside the range of action. For these reasons, the more adventurous climbers or athletes are usually accompanied by walkie talkie or alternative communication systems such as satellite phones, which allow us to communicate wherever we are. Fishermen or crew members also have to live with this, since being at sea they have to figure out how to get land via satellite.

Near government buildings

All those buildings where important decisions are made are protected by frequency inhibitors as a security measure, so when we pass near any of them, we can find that there is no way to use the mobile. But the signal will not only affect the coverage, it can also affect the closure of our car, causing that we do not get into a very strange situation.

Prisons or military zones

In the same way that it happens with official buildings, prisons have fluctuation inhibitors, in this case even more powerful with the intention that whoever is inside cannot easily contact the outside. In the military zones in the same way, always trying to ensure everyone’s safety, even if that means not being able to connect to the internet or make a call with traditional mobiles.

And in my house?

Although within what is possible, we can understand that in certain places there is no coverage, there are those who wonder why they do not have coverage in their own home. To find out, we will have to know the surroundings, in case there is a military zone near us, a jail, an official building or it was formerly located there and those protection measures have not been withdrawn.

But without so many technological advances this can also happen, due to the fact that the walls of the building or house are very thick or even made of earth (in small towns). Inside the bathrooms this can even be worse, since the tiles that are placed on the walls become a shield against the signal, not only the mobile signal, but also for the Wi-Fi in our house.

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