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Do you drive with your mobile’s GPS? You need a magnet holder

Whether we travel occasionally or regularly, a must-have accessory is the support to carry the mobile in the car with the GPS indicating the route. There are many types of support, but nevertheless those that are based on a magnet are the ones that usually give us the best results.

If you are thinking of getting one, be very attentive to all the options that we are going to recommend, designed for all types of mobiles and needs. Also knowing the points in which each one of them stands out. We will surely end up finding a magnetized option that fits you.

How Magnet Car Mounts Work

Before getting to know the various options that exist, we have to tell you about how it works and about all the good things about this option as well as the worst. For tastes, the colors and without a doubt the magnet mounts have many good or bad things to say about them.

In most cases, these brackets are firmly and securely placed in our car with a mechanism that places the first magnetized part at its end. Then we find a sticker and some spare parts that we must place on the back of the mobile or on the cover, which brings us to the first negative point since when we remove it we will have to clean it because there are no traces of the glue. That is why many put the magnet in a cover that they always use only in the car.

But another good thing about that is that being normally located on the vents, it prevents the mobile from getting hot on summer days. The smartphone, as it is requiring a mobile data connection and GPS, can get very hot and even be damaged, but receiving the air conditioning of the car, it will be safe. To remove it, you just have to pull it and remove it from the magnet.

Accessories with magnet to carry the mobile in the car

We now give way to the various options that exist, knowing a variety of possibilities that may even surprise you. Not all are the same, they do not offer the same and are not worth the same money. Very attentive to everything we tell you to choose the perfect one, also thinking about the car.

The best rated magnetic mount

We start with one of the supports that does not fail and that has won the option of many users on Amazon. It has more than 5,000 valuations that endorse it and without a doubt also for its price. A complement that offers us a powerful magnet that was placed in the vents of the car, to place our mobile and that we can firmly follow the route.

Although it may seem small and unreliable, it is capable of supporting any heavy mobile, so the size of the screen will not be a problem and neither will its battery capacity. It is designed to withstand speed bumps or all kinds of tremors and not fall out of place. The option designed for the dashboard

Although it is not as common as the classic magnet mounts, this option is one of the alternatives that we must keep in mind if our car grilles are not capable of holding the mobile. In this case it adapts to any model, as it works with a suction cup that makes a vacuum effect so that it does not move and we can assure you that it does not do so due to many potholes in our street.

We have to close the flap in a flat area of ​​the dashboard, magnetize the mobile and start driving. We can forget about problems to place it or to hold it steady. In this case also with an adjustable arm to put them at the desired height. You just have to look at the suction cup every month or so, to remove it and make the vacuum again. A magnetic support that goes unnoticed

For all those who do not want the holder to be seen from outside the car, not to attract attention or to destroy the aesthetics of the car, they can turn to this small accessory with magnet. It is placed in the desired part of the car and with the help of the rotating ball it adapts to our vision. Its price is a great attraction, considering that it comes with 4 stickers that will fix it to the car and that we should not move if we do not want to spend the rest.

Magnetic holder and wireless charging, 2 in 1

One of the most current and also useful technologies for mobiles is wireless charging. If we have a mobile phone that has this advantage, one of the great options we have to choose from is this magnetized car charger that allows us, while we use the GPS or carry the mobile available to make hands-free calls, go it charging.

In this case the price increases, although its strengths and reasons have to do so. Its grip is anchored to the car’s vents, its USB cable connected to a car socket to be able to offer that wireless charging that it promises. It works with MagSafe, but it also brings accessories to make other mobiles compatible with the magnet. The vent holder that never fails

Something that can give us many problems when placing the mobile on a support in the car, is when the grids do not manage to support the smartphone well or do not even take it. For manufacturing reasons or because the grilles are already many years old, we are not able to place it correctly, something that will not happen with this model

It works with a clip, which allows it to be inserted into any grid regardless of the space between them. In this way, it will not matter if the model is older or newer, then going on to use the powerful magnetic that it offers us. Support for the MagSafe or similar

One of the most surprising technologies of Apple’s time is the MagSafe and it didn’t take long for us to find an option explicitly designed for it. The manufacturer has created an accessory that attaches to the grilles of the car very precisely, to later bring the iPhone with MagSafe or smartphone with similar technologies. Unlike the model we saw before, this one does not allow charging the mobile at the same time and it shows in the price.

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