Do you need to remove the SIM tray and you don’t have a key? Do not despair

A situation that no one wants to face, occurs when we need for one reason or another to remove the SIM tray that gives us access to the card itself. Either because we have run out of coverage or because we want to move it from the smartphone, we are facing a complicated situation if we do not have the key.

It may seem like something difficult to happen and therefore, when we go on a trip, no matter how long it will be, we do not usually think about this situation. But as Murphy’s law says, if something bad can happen, it will. It is then that we remember where we have stored the mobile box with the small skewer stored inside, but it is no longer an option to take a great trip to bring it with us.

Don’t even think about using any of this

Although there are many alternative solutions to the key that comes standard in the mobile box, we do not recommend trying the first thing we have at home. Many have opted for any of the following options and have been met with a negative surprise, as the solution has further aggravated the problem.

Take note of this because surely the first thing you think of is that a wooden toothpick may be the solution. The mechanism of most mobiles is harder and more concise than the pressure that a wooden toothpick can exert before it breaks. You can imagine the situation that will occur if we opt for this.

But if we are late, we want to help you extract the toothpick from the key hole, since we have already suffered. Try to find some eyebrow tweezers to pull the minimum part that is outside the smartphone or with a pin try to gradually drag the hair outwards.

In some terminals, the SIM tray clearly shows the slot that gives access to the tray and we can think that if we cannot access the small hole, there will always be a flat screwdriver or knife to remove the tray by our own means. This is not a good idea either, since with that we will only be able to scratch the mobile or deform the tray and then it remains completely blocked.

Alternative solutions to the SIM key

However, beyond the bad ideas that we may have to remove the tray from our mobile, there are some solutions that are valid and cannot save us from the trouble of not having the pinchito. You just have to have some skill and some of these tools that solve our problem.

Try the spike of another mobile

It is not always the solution, but on many occasions it can be. Most SIM pins or keys share the stick that gives access to the internal button that releases the SIM tray. That is why if a friend or family member with whom we are with has a SIM tray, we can always choose to try to use it. Especially those of the same brand, they will ensure that it works.

The pin does not usually fail

If we have a sewing kit at hand, with a pin or needle we will be able to use it as a tool to tighten and extract the tray. We must opt ​​for one that is rather thick, because if it is too thin it could border the button that will release the SIM and get stuck. There are times when it can be difficult to press on the needle because we will hurt ourselves, for this we can use a handkerchief or cloth that serves as a support.

An earring is our best ally

Something that we all usually have on hand or can borrow is an earring. It serves as an alternative to the pin, although in this case we can exert pressure without hurting our hand. We also recommend being careful, since if we break it, we will have to take care of the damage and although it may seem difficult or impossible, it has been the case.

The clip may be the solution

Given its strength and extension, there would be no better solution than the clip, although that forces us to deform it to get it to adapt to the position in which we need to insert it. Its shape will make it easier for us to press on it and in a short time the tray will come out to allow us to place the SIM correctly, clean it or change it mobile.

In any mobile store they can help us

If it is the case that we do not have anything of what we have mentioned or it has not turned out as well as we expected, we can locate a mobile store or even where they put screen protectors and sell mobile cases. In these stores it is common for them to have a key to remove the SIM tray and they will have no impediments to do us this small favor, in most cases without involving a cost beyond a thank you.

What if it is blocked or stuck?

A different case occurs when we cannot remove the SIM tray either with the help of a compatible key with our mobile, that moment in which we try to press and press, but we cannot make it work. Then we will have to question what this SIM tray is blocked and is what makes us think so that nothing we have tried ends up working.

In this case, it is best to stop trying different options before we damage the mobile, the tray or ourselves by applying so much pressure. To solve this we will have to open the smartphone and that is not something simple, as long as the mobile has a guarantee, we recommend that you choose to go to the official technical service or store where you bought it so that they can take care of it.

If, on the other hand, it is no longer under warranty, we can go to any specialized store so that they can give us the best possible solution. In the worst of situations, you will have to open the smartphone, remove the SIM and replace the mechanism that for some reason has stopped working.

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