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Do you use the assistance menu of your Samsung? Customize it!

Every day there are more mobile devices that have many functionalities that we normally overlook until we find them inadvertently. Either because we have ignored them or because we do not even know that they exist, and there are not a few tools that each manufacturer adds to their terminals that we do not take true advantage of.

One of the ones that we use the least are accessibility, because we think that they only add different functionalities that will not help us at all. However, today we will look at one that gives us access to various aspects of our Samsung mobile without having to use buttons, enter different apps, etc. And it is that the menus to access different areas of our terminals have become common in different manufacturers, either through different smart bars that always offer us direct accesses, or assistance balls, as is the case of the Korean signature.

Samsung Support Menu Options

The reality is that activating it is really simple, although we had already mentioned the process before, we will remind you quickly before going on to configure it to our needs and explore each of its corners. First, it will be necessary to enter Settings> Accessibility> Interaction and dexterity> Click on the switch that appears next to Assistance menu.

As soon as we press said switch, a message will appear asking us if we really want to activate it, as this accessibility function could change some settings or affect the way we interact with the phone. In the event that we do not want this message to be displayed every time we enable this functionality, we will have to check the option of do not show again.

After this, we will have a kind of floating circle or icon, which can also be used as an edge icon, although it will not be as useful as if we have it on the panel of our mobile. Therefore, once it is active on the smartphone, we will have a series of quick actions. However, and how we will explain below, we can choose these functionalities.

In addition, this button of the assistance menu can be moved to any point on the panel of the mobile device itself so that it does not bother us at any time. And of course, we can customize it even more to continue with the latter line. That is to say, that it does not influence us in the vision of the contents and that it does not suppose any type of annoyance.

Customize this tool on your Samsung

Another positive aspect of this accessibility tool is that it lets us configure it so that it adjusts as much as possible to our needs. One of the first settings that we can activate will be Press once to slide. With this option you can use it with a simple touch instead of swiping to respond to alarms, alerts and incoming calls.

And not only this, but so that it does not interfere with the visibility of the terminal screen, it lets us change its transparency. To do this, we will have to enter the Assistance Menu and go to the Transparency section. Once there, we will only have to move it from less to more or vice versa. Even just below we will see the option that will allow us to change the size of said tool: small, medium or large.

Also, we can activate this functionality so that it is shown as an edge icon so that it is not wandering through the touch panel of the device. Although this alternative will only be enabled in some terminals, as it will depend on the version of the customization layer of the Korean manufacturer itself.

And in the last section of the assistance menu, we find the touch panel, cursor and magnifying glass settings. In these, we can change both the size of the keyboard and the zoom as well as the cursor (in case we activate it so that it is displayed on the screen). In addition, we can modify both the speed that it will have and the type of zoom that it will do once we activate the magnifying glass of our Samsung mobile.

What can this assist menu be used for?

The utilities that this tool gives us from the smartphones of the Korean firm are very varied. And it is that its main objective is that we can perform simple actions, which we will tell you below. And all without having to touch any type of button at any time or even, it will not be necessary to use both hands at the same time when trying to take screenshots or block the terminal itself, among other quick actions.

In addition, this quick menu offers us a great advantage, and that is that in the event that any button on the mobile or part of the touch panel does not work at some point, with this menu we can continue to use our phone normally. Basically, because the catalog of options it has is very wide and allows us to have the most basic functions, which all users are using daily. Like going to the home panel, looking at recent apps, invoking Bixby, adjusting the brightness, etc.

Among the options offered by adding this tool to Samsung phones we find a great variety. And we must bear in mind that once we press this button, only the quick functions that we have added will appear. It must also be clear that the different alternatives that this functionality gives us will depend on both the Android version of our smartphone and the Korean firm’s own software.

However, we will not be able to count all of them at the same time in said floating icon. So it will be necessary to know how to choose well which actions we will use the most on a daily basis. Of course, we can find the following:

  • Recent apps: show the most recent apps.
  • Go to the home screen.
  • Return to the previous screen.
  • Volume: change the volume and access the audio controls.
  • Lock the phone.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Phone options: turn off, restart and Emergency mode.
  • Bixby: go to Bixby home (press) or invoke the wizard (press and hold).
  • Access the notification panel.
  • Cursor: use a small touchpad and a cursor to access any part of the screen.
  • Volume: decrease and increase the volume.
  • Screen magnification: zoom in or out with a single tap.
  • Enter Support Menu settings.
  • Change the brightness of the mobile panel.
  • Modify the panel rotation options.
  • Open a magnifying glass.

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