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Do you want to record calls on your mobile and you can’t? Solutions

If you need to record your calls on Android, the fastest and simplest method is to use the recorder built into the operating system. Unfortunately, for a couple of years it disappeared from the most current versions of Android, which is why you have to resort to third-party apps. Of course, if you cannot do it, it is probably due to a configuration problem on your mobile that is preventing it from working normally.


Before proceeding to fix the smartphone, it is mandatory to know how these recordings are made on Android and, just as important, to know the path where they are saved. Once you know this, if you still cannot record conversations with the smartphone, surely the smartphone will have to be reconfigured until the failure is found.

Is it legal to record calls in Spain?

As long as we are one of the interlocutors of the call, it would be legal to record the call because it is within what is considered “a vital interest”, according to the terms of article 7, section 6, of the LOPD.

Although in Spain, it is legally accepted, Google has not wanted to get into trouble and withdrew this option from the new layers of the software. Of course, it does not prevent other recording apps from being used.

First of all, how to record calls on Android

Nowadays, almost 100% of the customization layers based on Android 9 onwards have blocked the function of recording any conversation, be it incoming or outgoing. In previous versions, you simply had to remove the mobile from your ear, touch the Record button and let the smartphone do the rest.

In old mobiles, the device itself will be in charge of creating an audio recording available in the phone’s memory that will be stored after hanging up. The downside is that, sometimes, this option seems not to be available or, directly, there isn’t. In Spain the current Law has made many manufacturers have decided to eliminate this tool from their mobiles, but

Why can’t my mobile record?

Recording your call on Android is not that simple. There are a number of requirements or limitations that must be taken into account.

  • Install the latest version of the Phone app from the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Not only has your Android had to support the call recording function, but also the carrier.
  • In some countries, the call recording option is disabled by default in Android’s main settings, and call recorders cannot bypass it.
  • In other countries, the option is disabled, but third-party call recording applications can successfully bypass the restriction.
  • Only normal calls can be recorded, Wi-Fi calls cannot be recorded.

Fix the problem, whatever

If you have an old smartphone, you should be able to record calls from the phone app itself, as we have indicated above. However, if you have a smartphone running Android 9 or later, nothing prevents you from downloading an app to do the same, although if it doesn’t work you should try the following solutions.

Use a third-party call recorder

If the problem is that your device does not support the call recording option, you can always go to the Android store to download a third-party application to do this job. There are many options available on the Play Store. Simply enter “call recording” in the search bar and select the application that best suits your needs.

On a personal note, we recommend you try Automatic Call Recorder, one of the most popular applications for call recording on Android. This app has a simple interface and does what it is supposed to do without displaying complex settings or many ads. Just activate it when you are in a conversation and voila.

Also, best of all, you can store your recorded calls in Google Drive or Dropbox, set automatic recording to activate, and also organize your recorded files. This application has a free version more than enough for what we need.

Delete all other recorders

Whether your mobile is the one that supports recording the conversations that pass through the Phone app or that is using an app like the one mentioned, you must make sure that it is the only one in operation. If you can’t record calls, try uninstalling the rest of the recording apps that may be running in the background, since Android allows only one recorder to work at the same time.

Deactivate the wizard

Speaking in the background… If you have an assistant installed on your mobile, you should know that it can also record conversations and act as a recorder. For this reason, the first thing you should do before continuing to try solutions is to disable it.

  • Google Assistant: Deactivate the option from «Settings> Google> Search> Voice> Accept detection from Google> from any screen».
  • Samsung Bixby: If you are using a Samsung phone, also check that the “Bixby” application is disabled from the left panel that appears when you swipe there on your Korean company phone. In the upper right corner you will see a small button to deactivate Bixby
  • Moto Voice: This is Motorola’s own voice assistant, you must disable it from “Settings> Applications> Configure> Accessibility> Tallback> turn off switch”
  • HI Voice: If you are using a Huawei phone, also check the “HI Voice” app. Do it from the app «Phone> 3-dot icon> Settings> Voice Control> turn off»

Don’t use headphones

When there is a problem related to the equipment’s audio (phone calls are still sound files), the first thing we should do is remove any accessory from the mobile, and be it a cable or Bluetooth headset. If you use headphones with a microphone, the recording may not be available or can hardly be heard directly.

Clear the phone app cache

In the event that your mobile does present the call recording tool, but it does not function, it is quite likely that the Phone app itself is damaged or corrupted. To leave it “as new” you must access the Settings panel, select Applications and in the drop-down in the upper right corner choose all applications. Now find the Phone application and click on the Storage options. Here you must select Clear cache and Clear data to check if, when you start the app again, the problem has disappeared.

Use another device

The last thing we have to do, if we use our wits, is to “physically” record the call. This means that you get a sound recorder or use another mobile’s own recorder to put it in front of your phone and, as long as you activate the hands-free so that it can be heard well, record the conversation on another device.

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