Doctor, why is my cell phone so heavy?

The weight of a mobile is not usually something that we pay special attention to when we are going to buy one, but it is an aspect that we should take into account more than what is normally had. And it is that weight is something that can condition us on a day-to-day basis. Now we ask ourselves, what do we understand by a heavy or light mobile?

In recent years the weight of mobile phones has skyrocketed for obvious reasons, and it is something that we all have, we are going to reel off what are the keys to consider that we have a heavy mobile, or on the contrary light.

You have a heavy mobile, why?

Well, logically it is a question that has a different answer in each person. Since according to the complexion of each one, the size of the hands and in general the corpulence of the user, we will have the feeling of having a more or less heavy phone. But there are some generic considerations to take into account that can give us a clue as to whether our phone is heavy or not. Logically the first thing is that when we take it with one hand, we notice that it is not comfortable to hold it, logically that can be a heavy mobile for us, but not for someone else who has a bigger and more corpulent hand. But as a general rule there are certain limits that make us think today that a mobile is going to be heavy before buying it.

With the passage of time, mobile phones have been gaining in size, and also in batteries, which have more and more capacity. To get an idea, today the most common weight among mobile phones is between 180 and 200 grams, roughly like that, which a few years ago would have been outrageous. We can consider that a phone is light when it falls below 170 grams, which are the rarest to find, but they do exist. On the other hand, we can understand that a mobile is very heavy when it far exceeds 200 grams, there in any hand it will be a phone that feels heavy.

 What mobiles are the lightest?

Well, we have interesting models that have a weight that today is considered light. A good example is the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, which weighs only 169 grams, or the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, which only weighs 157 grams.

The big difference of these phones compared to others is that they have smaller batteries, which slightly exceed 4000mAh, and hence comes a lighter weight. That’s the big difference from your most contained weight. Logically with these mobiles your hands will not tire, and you will be able to hold them effortlessly for many hours.

And the heaviest?

At the other extreme we have phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, which weighs no less than 227 grams. Or the Poco X3 Pro, which weighs 215 grams, even the Samsung Galaxy M62 at 218 grams.

In this case, the greater weight is due to many things, in this latest model it is 7000mAh, but in the case of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G the weight is due not only to the battery, but to other factors such as a more advanced camera, with heavier components, in addition to having a larger size. These mobiles are therefore not suitable for all people, and if you have small and thin hands, you will notice a lot of discomfort as the hours go by.

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