Does the keyboard of your mobile “freeze”? So, you can fix it

Despite the fact that G board is the most popular keyboard in the Android landscape, problems continue to appear from time to time with updates that turn out to be little worked. It is not the first time that Google has “screwed up” with some new features on its keyboard, although this time it is extremely annoying.

If in the last few days, you have detected that your mobile, or rather that the keyboard of your Android mobile is frozen, you are suffering from this failure. It is not that our mobile phone has a full memory, that the processor is not able to move it or that something is affecting the terminal. What happens is that the update is poor.

It is impossible to write on multiple mobiles

Complaints from users are shooting like wildfire in recent days and we ourselves have been one of those affected. In all cases the explanation of what is happening is based on the same description; the keyboard remains stopped while our fingers continue writing on the screen, without any result. After a few seconds, the keyboard responds again, although by then it is too late.

The problem has been occurring since the last keyboard update, leaving all the blame on Google’s roof. At the moment Google itself has not made any statements in this regard, but we do know that the ruling does not only affect a specific brand or model. Most of the Google Pixel are affected by the error, but this is also the case with some Xiaomi models that already have MIUI 12.5 or Samsung smartphones with different versions.

Two alternatives to fix it

To get the keyboard back to work like the first day, the simplest solution we have at our disposal is based on returning it to the original state. This solution to the keyboard failure might not be final and we will have to repeat it after a few days, although we trust that by then, Google has already provided us with an update without this problem.

What we have to do for now is go into Settings> Applications and access G board. Inside the keyboard, click on Storage, to later touch on Clear cache and then Clear storage. We will not lose any data or files with this process.

When we type in any app again, we will verify that the keyboard is no longer caught in the middle of typing and that it returns to what it was. But if we prefer it or that method has not merged us, what we will have to do is download the beta version of G board, because in its advanced version this error does not appear.

After downloading and installing it, without any danger to our smartphone from this link, we will achieve a result as good as the one we will obtain with the first method that we show you, in the cases where it works.

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