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Dreaming is free, this would be a foldable iPhone Flip

We are less than two weeks away, or so we think, of the presentation of the iPhone 13. But put to dream, that it is free, surely many of you would love to see a folding iPhone sometime, something that is presumably underway, but that seems quite far away. Now they have recreated what a version of this phone would be like, as an alternative to Samsung’s Flip.

Since the business is business, the leaks and recreations of devices that have not yet been launched on the market have been constant, and more when we talk about mobile phones. On this occasion, what would undoubtedly be one of the most outstanding mobiles of the next few years is being recreated.

They recreate a shell-format iPhone

The video has been shared by a YouTube channel specialized in recreating the appearance of future iPhones, and undoubtedly offers us a fairly detailed view of what a fully foldable Apple mobile would be, but not as they imagine it much in the Fold style, but which in this case is an iPhone Flip. Use this surname because its format is the same as the shell used by the Samsung terminal.

Basically, we are seeing in the video a mobile with the same aspect of Samsung, but with a big difference, the design of an iPhone 13 Pro. And we can see that it has the same triple camera with LiDAR scanner on the back. For the rest we see inside a vertical screen, with iOS installed and that does not differ much from that of any iPhone, it is even allowed to keep the notch, which many hope will disappear in the future.

More powerful inside

But those who have recreated the phone’s outward appearance also dream of other features for the perfect foldable iPhone. Because for example they appeal to Air Charge, a wireless charge that allows you to charge the phone from several meters away, a technology that other manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo or Motorola have already presented. Another feature that the creators of this video dream of is that this iPhone has an M1 chip.

The same one that integrates the most powerful MacBook, as well as the iPad Pro. On the other hand, they also hope that they will have a 120Hz XDA screen, and finally with a fingerprint reader on the screen, which allows to use the iPhone finally with a mask, without depending exclusively on Face ID to identify us. In short, the iPhone that many dream of, but with which for now we have to settle for this video.

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