Exploit the PAI mode of the Xiaomi Mi Band and get like a bull!

The Xiaomi smart bracelet known under the name of Mi Band that we have been receiving in Spain is not that it has great improvements over the years, but we can find new tools and functions. One of the ones that generates the most doubts for users is PAI, a system that will help us maintain a healthy life.

It is also one of those functionalities that can be easily found in the first menus of the bracelet. And it is that the world of fitness is booming. For this reason, the brand itself defines this tool as a personal indicator of physiological activity that is based on different data collected by the device such as heart rate, intensity of daily activity and other personal data provided by the user. In this way we will be able to keep in good physical condition over time.

What is PAI of the Mi Band?

All the data that we have mentioned previously, becomes a “PAI value” by means of a special algorithm developed by the Chinese firm itself. And it is that this figure is obtained when carrying out an activity of a certain physical intensity, from walking to climbing stairs. Of course, it will be necessary to have the Xiaomi bracelet synchronized to our mobile device at all times.

This Personal Activity Intelligence began to be part of the Chinese manufacturer’s wristbands since the arrival of the Mi band 5. In addition, it was a function that Amazfit wristbands began to implement in the first place, although since then they have also been integrated into the smartbands of the Asian firm.

If we can keep this PAI value above level 100, it will help us to prevent the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and at the same time increase life expectancy. Even the creators of this tool assure that life expectancy can be increased by up to eight years if we look at the people who cannot obtain this value. However, whether or not to use this tool that has the smart bracelets of this brand will depend on each user.

And even if the company marks that the ideal figure is above the value of 100 points. The truth is that it does not mean that we have to always be thinking about this figure. More than anything because the algorithm that is responsible for calculating this value is also based on our heart rate and takes into account the last seven days.

How is the PAI score obtained?

The system shows a score based on the data collected in the last 7 days of activity, as we said before. Therefore, at the end of that number of days, the objective they recommend is never to go below 100 points. To win them we must activate the heart rate reader and raise it while doing sports, which makes the body force the heart to pump more blood. This means that the higher and longer our heart rate is, the more PAI points we will obtain after seven days.

Although it must be borne in mind that the score of this Xiaomi smart bracelet tool will be increasingly difficult to achieve the more points we have. And it is that in addition to making use of the heart rate, it adds other values ​​such as our age and our gender. After 7 days, this score will expire, so we will have to start over. More than anything, the score disappears to encourage us to maintain a regular activity. This is the reason why it is possible that some days you will see that your score is reduced.

According to Xiaomi, the easiest way to obtain higher scores is to run or ride a bike, although working, climbing stairs and playing with children can also add scores, among many other activities that you can do in your day-to-day life. It is also important to know that you can earn up to 75 PAI points per day, so reaching the weekly goal of 100 points should not be too difficult.

How is PAI activated?

As soon as you take the bracelet out of the box, start it, synchronize it with Mi Fit and update it, you will see the PAI menu in second position. At that moment, the smartband itself will encourage you to activate the automatic heart rate detection and you will be warned that, logically, the battery consumption will be higher, since it will be continuously checking our heart rate. Therefore, if you want to enable it on your smartband, the first thing you will have to do is enter your Mi Fit Profile and select your bracelet. When we are inside, we will see an option that will let us activate the heart rate.

As soon as you start having it active, you will see on the screen itself an indicator of the points achieved and what you have left to reach the goal of 100 points per week. In addition, if you slide to the bottom, you can see the weekly progress and know how much you have left to reach your goals. In this way, you can always do a daily review to see if you have to try harder or you can relax a little that day.

Can it be turned off?

The answer is yes. Basically, because PAI on the Xiaomi Mi Band relies on heart rate monitoring. Therefore, once we decide to disable this functionality that is integrated in the smartband, we will stop accumulating points in the Xiaomi fitness tool. To do this, open My Fit, go to the Profile menu, select your bracelet and, in the lower menus, deactivate the Heart rate monitoring option. Then we will only have to restart this accessory so that the deactivation is completed correctly.

One of the favorable points of no longer having this tool is that we will be able to save a lot of battery on the bracelet. In the same way that if we activate the dynamic funds, the battery will be somewhat affected. So, you will always have to keep in mind all this series of extra tools that are being added in the Mi Band of the Asian firm.

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