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Folding mobiles or double screen? Surface Duo 2 vs Galaxy Z Fold3

The commitment to folding mobile phones with double screens is being strong, and more so with the arrival of different new smartphones to the mobile phone market. However, they still have a lot of room for improvement and, in addition, we find that the concepts for the daily use of both terminals may be somewhat different, since their design is key. As is the case with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 and Microsoft’s new Surface Duo 2.

Although for many they will be the same, two folding smartphones, the truth is that if we look at their designs, we will see different differences that will make us finally see that they are not for the same type of user. Therefore, at first, we will see its most important technical characteristics, but the fundamental thing will be the idea with which both terminals have been designed.

Main features of the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Surface Duo 2

Both terminals bet with large screens, for example, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 has a 7.6-inch AMOLED main panel, while its secondary is 6.2 inches. In the case of Microsoft’s new smartphone, we come across a terminal that comes with an 8.3-inch double OLED screen, while individually we will have a 5.8-inch panel.

In power they are matched, since both have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which also provides 5G connectivity. However, the key that we will see right next is in the design of its screens, since in the Samsung phone we will enjoy both a mobile to use and a full screen terminal. But, in the case of Microsoft, both screens will be divided by hinges.

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