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Force the update on your Xiaomi to have the latest MIUI

The arrival of a new update to our smartphone is always a reason for joy because it allows us to enjoy improvements in the software that solve problems or apply various changes to the terminal, as well as many other things. However, we may have a problem if the updates do not reach our Xiaomi for a long time.

This is where the options to force the MIUI update come into play. Xiaomi’s customization layer is an essential part of Mi, Redmi and Poco smartphones. In all of them we will be able to exercise these options that we explain to you, ensuring that the update does not continue to be delayed for your mobile phone.

Why aren’t the updates coming?

The question that all those users of a Xiaomi mobile will ask is why this happens to them, the updates are not implemented on their smartphone. Given this we have to give several answers, but the first and possibly most important is that not all updates are released at the same time. Xiaomi launches the updates in different ROMs and the Global or in some other European occasion is the one that affects Spain.

The updates arrive first to the China ROM and later the launch takes place in the rest. But this is not the only thing to assess, since OTA updates follow an order of arrival to the devices, based on the serial number of each smartphone. In more complex cases is where the problems come into play, because for some reason our smartphone is not updated while all the others of the same model have already done so and before which only forcing the update will be the solution.

How to receive MIUI updates before

Xiaomi is aware of how impatient we can become in the face of updates, that is why MIUI 11 offers us an option available so that anyone can activate it on their smartphone and thus get the news sooner. There is no difference between the model, region or smartphone, because we are only going to have to do the following to get ahead of the game:

  • We enter the phone settings.
  • We tap on the option «About the phone».
  • Click on MIUI Version.
  • Within the updates panel, click on the top three points.
  • And we access your settings.
  • Finally, we activate the option to «Receive updates before».

With this, what we are going to achieve is to advance our smartphone in the list of those who will receive the updates. This change does not mean that we will be the first, although we will be placed much earlier than if we did not have it activated. We will only have to wait for the next update to appear on our smartphone and install it, while others who have not applied this change will have to wait a few more days for both system news and security patches.

Update your Xiaomi yourself

An advanced option with which we can update our smartphone by personally modifying the version is also at our disposal. In this case, the process is somewhat more complex, but if we follow it to the letter, we do not even want to because we lose files, photos or applications, since what we are going to do is a manual update of the system so as not to have to keep waiting.

This can be done without root, without opening the bootloader, but only with the ROM that our smartphone has. In other words, if our ROM version is Global, we will have to make sure that this is the update that we are going to apply to the system or otherwise we could create a conflict.

To begin we have to check on our mobile in About the phone> MIUI which version we have. Then it will be time to compare it with the desired version from the official Xiaomi website to download updates, the most reliable. But as there are times when the version takes time to appear, another alternative option to get the latest Xiaomi firmware is this website from which we can also trust.

After verifying that it is a new update and the one that we are therefore looking forward to enjoying, we can proceed to download it directly to our smartphone. When it has been downloaded, we have to go to the file manager that comes by default in MIUI. We locate the file within the downloads and we advise you to move it to the root folder of the system to avoid problems.

Once we do this, what we will have to do is follow the steps to proceed with the manual installation of the latest version on the mobile:

  • We enter the phone settings.
  • We choose About the phone.
  • We select “MIUI version”.
  • We touch on the three points in the upper right.
  • Now we choose the option «Select update package».
  • And in the root folder where we moved the file, it will be ready to be installed.

In this update the smartphone will restart and for this it is important to have more than 60% battery and not try to turn it on prematurely. Once it is completed, we can continue to enjoy the smartphone with the latest MIUI news.

Force update with Mi Flash

Another way to get the latest version of MIUI for our smartphone is based on Xiaomi’s Mi Flash tool, the final solution if nothing we have seen before has helped us. It is a software designed for computers, where we can manually install other more recent versions of MIUI. An option that is only valid for official ROMs or else we will have to open the bootloader and we will lose the manufacturer’s warranty.

To begin, you will have to download the latest version of My Flash from this website. Once ready, we proceed to install it like any other program for Windows, the only operating system where it is compatible. Now we will have to get the desired ROM, as before on the official Xiaomi website or in the alternative. And after downloading the Global ROM or the one that our smartphone has, we save it on the desktop or in its easily accessible place.

The process to follow will reset the smartphone and erase all the data if we check the Clean All option, the most recommended so that there are no errors. That is why we have to take all the photos and files so as not to lose them, charge the mobile above 60%. Then we mark the option, turn off the mobile and connect it to the computer. Then we hold down the power and volume down buttons until we enter the fast boot. Then we can play on the computer on flash to start the process and after a few minutes we will have it ready to enjoy.

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