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Galaxy A22 5G battery, 5,000 mAh for everything you need

One of the worst things when you buy a mobile phone is that it does not offer convincing autonomy. We have tested what the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G offers in this section, a model that has a fairly adjusted price and from which we will tell you what you are going to get when using it as your main phone.

The Asian company has decided to include a 5,000 mAh battery in this model. Not long ago this would have been quite a (positive) surprise, but nowadays there are already enough terminals with a similar price range that are committed to using a component of this type to stand out in the market. Something that has caught our attention is that the thickness of this phone is not especially bad considering the aforementioned, since it is only nine millimeters. Come on, it doesn’t give the “cante” when using it.

We indicate other details of the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G in what has to do with the characteristics and that they comply with what is expected of a current phone. The first thing is that the port is USB type C , so you will avoid encountering unpleasant surprises and you will not have any problem to be able to share cable with other current terminals. In addition, the device does not lack fast charging, we will talk about this later, but we already tell you that you do not have to wait for crazy things.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G performs well

The minimum required taking into account the aforementioned battery amperage and that this is a model that has a processor that is not particularly demanding in the energy section, is that the day and a half of use be exceeded without excessive restrictions. And, certainly, the smartphone allows this and, even if you are not constantly turning on the screen or do not abuse the brightness manually, you can stretch until the night of the second day the time you can be without having to connect it to a socket. As expected, but not for that reason you have to stop saying it, since you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Something that can make you doubt in this terminal is how it behaves when using the maximum frequency that its screen allows, which reaches 90 Hz. Well, it must be said that if this option is active there is always a certain degradation compared to the use of the 60 Hz. But by letting the device itself do the work of changing from one possibility to another, we have been quite convinced by the data that we have taken in the autonomy section, since it adjusts quite precisely and this means that it is not consume more milliamps when they are not necessary this is a detail to take into account.

Heavy screen use: fine, but no bragging

This is another of the tests that we usually carry out, and the results we have obtained are good enough for you to know that you will not have to restrict the use you give to the integrated panel when you are away from home. Thus, for example, if you set the screen brightness to half its power and leave it fixed, you will always be able to exceed 12 hours of use. Even if you are not running very demanding applications, you will have no problem increasing the indicated figure one more.

In the case of using the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G to play or enjoy movies with a high resolution (4K, for example), the times are reduced. but not outrageously, which is very good news. Thus, we have practically always managed to get above 11 o’clock. A good brand that is reached thanks to the high battery charge and a good management of the operation of other components such as the storage or the processor itself.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G options in the operating system

Obviously everything that is considered basic in the Android operating system you will find in this terminal. An example of what we say is that you will be able to set the saving mode to stretch the maximum autonomy offered by the Smartphone. We quite liked that you have customization options, such as limiting the power of the processor; 5G stop working; or a reduction in brightness of up to 10% so that the screen does not become a problem of consumption.

For the rest, the user interface of the phone does not provide a lot of options, but more than enough to be happy. Of course, in More battery settings there is an option that we think is the most interesting and that allows you to increase the battery life time, since it disables fast charging. which we talk about just below.

A very fair fast charge

We say this taking into account that the battery charge is 5,000 mAh. The fact is that the maximum power that the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is capable of using reaches 15 W (Quick Charge 2.0). The truth is that this is not exactly a boast, but at least it is present and reduces in a sensible way the time you have to wait to complete the recharge of the component, which will always take you more than two hours and thirty minutes (on average hour, you will get a 21 or 23%).

The good news is that the charger included in the phone box offers support for the aforementioned, so you will not have to go to any store to find an adapter that allows you to take advantage of the fast charging offered by the terminal. No temperature problems, since the control is excellent and in practically no situation we have had problems always having the phone grabbed when using it and charging at the same time.


The adjective that comes to mind once we have tested the autonomy offered by the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is to be a phone that does not disappoint at any time. It complies with what is expected to be able to compete in the market with devices such as Xiaomi in the same price range and which, in general, it exceeds in the autonomy section.

It is true that fast charging could be a little better and this is noticeable in time because the amperage of the battery is quite high, but in general you will get a good experience when using the terminal and you will not be constantly thinking that you have to find a plug, since you don’t get to the end of the day. A fairly correct model.

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