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Goodbye to the Xioami Mi Band X before it is manufactured

Our joy in a well. Last week we echoed the leak of a Xiaomi presentation where the development of a new Mi Band of the brand was revealed. The big news was that on this occasion the Chinese firm would market a version with a curved screen of its famous smartband, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Every year the company releases a new successor to its quantizer device with some exciting new features, but it keeps the price almost the same as the predecessor. Currently, the Mi Band series is in its sixth generation and the eyes, although they were on the Mi Band 7, have soon been on that Mi Band X that leaked a few days ago showing off a screen that curved around the wrist.

This new Xiaomi bracelet was leaked through an internal presentation of the company, which sparked rumors about the next launch of the device. However, Wang Hua from the Xiaomi Group Public Relations Department has clarified that this is not going to be the case.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 yes. Mi Band X not for now

The manager alleges that the image we publish on these lines is real, it is not a fake with which it has been tried to deceive users and the press alike. This is a genuine presentation, but really there is no intention to make the My Band X. The explanation is that the presentation was actually part of the company’s internal training program for new hires and it turns out to be a document from two years ago.

So good, it is just an example of how far the brand could go with its bracelets that does not represent the future plans of the brand, so we must forget about this bracelet for the moment.

Will we see her at some point? Neither yes nor no, but quite the opposite. The brand claims that the bracelet is not in development but has not denied that we can see it in future exercises.

What is certain is that there is not much left to meet the Mi Band 7, a bracelet that should arrive, hopefully this time so, with NFC to the global market and possible compatibility with Alexa. Unfortunately, it is still too early to know what would be the great news of the next star device of the Chinese firm.

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