Google home is updated to control all devices from the app

Google updates the Google Home application, is now more intuitive and allows us to control the devices we have connected without leaving the app.

Google launched just a few days ago all its hardware news, but also had some other surprise in its software and applications. Specifically, in the Google Home app, a specific application that allows us to synchronize, adjust and use Google’s smart devices, such as Chromecast or Google Home. Now, this app is updated and allows us to control all the devices from the application. 

Now the application is divided into 4 sections. In the first place, we have one of the most interesting novelties. From there we can control all the devices that we have connected and synchronized with our account. From Google devices, to smart lights, nest devices etc. We can turn them on, turn them off or perform different actions depending on the device. For example, in the case of a smart light bulb, we can raise the brightness. Something that I miss much is the possibility of changing the color or tonality of a light bulb. It is likely that in future updates add this.

Another very interesting feature are the shortcuts that we found in the upper part. These are based on the actions we do most. For example, from there we can turn off and turn on all the lights, play music on a device etc . In addition, we can add or edit other shortcuts. Another flaw is that there is no Widget available to access those shortcuts without the need to enter the application.

The second option that we find in the navigation bar is to explore. Something very similar to what we have in Google Assistant. Here we can see some recommendations from Google to improve the experience. In the center of the bar, a direct access to the Google Assistant, something very useful. The explore tab is also gone and there are hardly any changes. It shows us the trends in videos, series and popular apps to broadcast with Chromecast or other devices compatible with Miracast. Last but not least, the configuration of the account. Here are added the devices, sections and different settings for the Google Assistant.

The Google Home app is already being updated, therefore, you should have the download available on Google Play . Without a doubt, it is a very interesting change, especially for those users who have connected devices. Of course, it is missing some other function, although it does not look bad at all. Undoubtedly, a good alternative if you do not have an iPhone, because the Apple app is available on Apple devices, which also allows you to do some of these actions, although not with so many extra.

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