Google presents the Home Hub: smart speakers now have a screen

The new Google Home Hub increases the possibilities of intelligent speakers for the home by including a touch screen that facilitates the visualization of audiovisual content.

Along with the Pixel 3 XL and the Pixel Slate , Google presented in New York the Home Hub , a new smart speaker with built-in screen that magnifies and increases the possibilities of Google equipment for the home.

These are some of the things that allow the incorporation of a screen to a smart speaker:

  • Enrich the answers As Google has shown during the presentation of the product, the Home Hub uses its screen to enrich the answers it offers to the user. If you receive a question such as “how long it takes me to get to work,” the assistant will respond by voice and show the route on the screen. The same happens with the morning briefings of the Google assistant.
  • Control the home The new Google Home Hub allows, in a simple way, to control all the connected elements of the home. As its name suggests, this becomes a kind of hub for the whole house.
  • Deep integration with Nest. The home accessories company, under the umbrella of Google, integrates seamlessly with the Google Home Hub. If you have a Nest camera in the home, for example, you can use the Home Hub to see what they are recording in real time.
  • Videos on YouTube. As expected, the Home Hub screen can be used to enjoy content on YouTube. In addition, those who purchase a Hub, can enjoy 6 months of YouTube Premium for free.
  • Enjoy the images stored in Google Photos. The Google Home Hub can be used as a digital photo frame. This feeds on photo albums stored in the Google cloud.
  • Google Maps, Google Calendar and much more. All basic Google services (Calendar, Maps, Tasks, etc.) can be displayed on the Home Hub screen. Do you want to know your agenda? Just ask Google Assistant and it will show in a matter of seconds.

Apart from the screen, the Home Hub offers similar features to the rest of Google’s smart speakers. Assistant, works with services such as Spotify or Netflix and can communicate with other connected products in the home.

The new Home Hub can be purchased for $149 in the United States.

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