How to follow new friends on Instagram by scanning their profile

Now you can follow users on Instagram using a code called Nametag. We tell you how to create it and how to share it.

Instagram , the most popular social network of the moment, continues to be updated with more additions. Facebook lately is providing new features such as, for example, the possibility of sending GIFs in direct messages , more filters for the popular superzoom effect and small improvements. Now the novelty is neither in the publications, nor in the stories. Add the “Nametag”, a new way for your friends to find your profile and follow you.

The function is very simple. Instagram creates a kind of personalized QR code. The other users, when they scan it in the application, will see the possibility to follow the user or see the profile. This way, you will not have to enter the app and look up your username. How can we create our label?

First, you must update the application to the latest available version, although this option should arrive automatically. Once you have the latest version of Instagram, open the app, go to your profile and click on the top right menu, where there are three lines . A menu with different options will be displayed. The first is called Nametag, which is what interests us.


The app will automatically create a custom code with your username. The most interesting thing is that this code can be customized. We can include emojis, background or even, make us a selfie to appear . Afterwards, we will only have to save and it will be ready. The code is saved in the application, under the “Nametag” option.

If you want to scan another user’s profile, you must go back to the menu, select the option and you will see that under your label there is an option to scan. The camera will open and you can read other labels. When the app recognizes it, Instagram will tell you its username and give you two options. The first, follow it directly. The second, see your profile, where after you can also follow it manually.

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