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How to remove all your tweets from Twitter forever

One by one or by blocks.

Twitter is very good for many things: share interesting links, videos and funny GIFs, share curious threads or engage in conversation with our artists or references. But one of its drawbacks is that when you write a message, tweet or tweet, there is no going back. Well, yes, you can delete it, but not correct it.

Removing Twitter tweets can be useful in case you have made an error, you regret what you said or just to clean your old messages or Twitter tweets that no longer fit your comments or current profile. It is also possible that in the past you wrote messages or tweets that can now be misinterpreted as being out of context.

For all these cases, Twitter allows you to delete messages individually. On the other hand, there are services that facilitate the elimination or deletion of Twitter tweets at once.

How to delete a Tweet

Deleting a tweet has no secret. From your profile, you look at your list of publications, click on the corresponding icon and then Delete Tweet.

You can delete Twitter tweets individually from your computer and from official applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.

When you delete a tweet, it will no longer be visible in your account or in the chronology of accounts that follow you. With the retweets it happens the same. If the original tweet is deleted, the retweets of that tweet will disappear or display the message Tweet deleted or deleted in case the retweet includes a comment.

Obviously, if someone has made a capture of your tweet or has copied and republished it, they are beyond the scope of eliminating the original publication.

How to delete several Tweets

What is really interesting to know is how to delete or delete several Twitter posts at once. Old conversations, decontextualized messages or mistakes of the past, may disappear.

Twitter does not offer this service officially. Your solution is to create a temporary account, change the name for your current account and start from scratch.

But if you just want to delete several tweets from Twitter, you can go to third-party services.

With TweetDelete , for example, we can eliminate all of our Twitter tweets. The limit is in 3,200 publications. If you have more, you can perform the deletion in several passes. Its operation consists in indicating the year from which we want to eliminate old publications.

Another website where to end your Twitter posts is TweetDeleter . In this case, we can search for specific messages regardless of their age, just indicate the date, keyword or type of content that includes. On the one hand, we can delete loose Twitter tweets or all of them. Moreover, it includes an option to delete messages automatically following preferences.

As there are not two without three, TwitWipe is also a website that will help us eliminate bulk publications, that is, clean your Twitter account as far as comments are concerned. In particular, remove all our tweets, retweets from other publications or those we have marked as favorites. Also our mentions to other accounts. We will only leave intact our lists of accounts in a row, contacts that follow us and lists of accounts.

As a fourth alternative, TweetEraser offers the service of erasing Twitter tweets with a free version and two paid versions. The free version serves to delete up to 3,200 publications at once. For the rest, it allows you to perform a search of the tweets to be deleted.

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