How to remove the iMessage app drawer in iOS 12

iMessage is, in all likelihood, one of the applications that has changed the most with the release of successive versions of Apple’s operating system . In the case of iOS 12 , a new tool of the messaging application that appeared for the first time in iOS 11 is dragged , an application bar that provides quick access to different iPhone apps. Can it be deleted?

This application drawer hosts what the Cupertino people call “iMessage applications”, a series of apps that can expand the use of the chats application installed by default on the iPhone and iPad . Here we have access to Apple Pay, Apple Music, Animoji , the App Store … They are convenient applications  for several reasons, but if you do not use any of them, your presence only wastes screen space that can be difficult to eliminate if You do not know how to do it.

Get rid of the iMessage app drawer in iOS 12

The iMessage application drawer has quite interesting features like Apple Pay Cash, to send money to your friends; access to your music, which allows you to share songs recently played through Apple Music; access to the photo reel; or the new Apple Animoji. If you find it more useless than anything else, there is a trick in iOS 12 that helps you eliminate this app drawer from the messaging app of the iPhone operating system.

In versions prior to iOS 11, there was no fixed application drawer at the bottom of the chat sale and, although it is something that many users appreciate for making things easier, there are a lot of Apple customers who prefer to keep a window clean iMessage from external applications. Removing this apps bar implies complicating things when making use of them, but if you still want to move on, this is what you should do:

  • Open a chat window in iMessage for iOS 11 or iOS 12
  • Click on the icon of the application store located to the left of the field of the text entry bar and on the right of the camera icon

So simple, this eliminates the application bar of iMessage for quite some time, because after performing the operation and closing and opening the messaging app we see that it does not appear again. It may be a bug or a way not announced by Apple to get it, but it is also likely that in the following betas of iOS 12 this option will stop working.

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