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Huawei already copies the iPhone 13, before it is presented!

Just three days ago, the expert analyst of Apple Ming-Chi Kou, revealed one of the possible technologies that we could get to see in the next Apple smartphones. We refer to the fact of being able to achieve communication connectivity by Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. With this, basically, it is achieved that users who do not have the possibility of making calls and sending messages when they have no coverage.

However, it may not be the only one, because it happens that this technology that we could see in the iPhone 13, it has been discovered that the smartphone brand, Huawei, could also equip it for its next Huawei Mate 50. It’s funny how just days after opening the door to this possibility, these rumors arise about the possible integration to mobile devices of the Asian firm. So, who has copied whom?

How would this technology work on Huawei?

As we already reported the other day, in the case of the Cupertino mobiles, they will have hardware that will be able to connect to LEO satellites. Although, what could happen is that the brand ends up cooperating with the network operators that are associated with Global star. However, in the case of Huawei it is striking how it has begun to emerge that the first smartphone of its company to be able to be compatible with satellite communication will be its next Mate 50.

It was the well-known Weibo leaker, Peng Peng Jun, who has explained how the system that the Asian firm will use will work in its next mobile devices so that they can contact different people via satellite. In addition, it has left the unknown that Apple would not yet be ready to take this step.

The possible architect of Huawei seeing the possible arrival of this technology to its smartphones has been thanks to the Bei Dou satellite navigation system. This system, which was developed by China as an alternative to GPS, has managed to expand even more globally and already has a total of 30 satellites in orbit.

For this reason, this informant clarifies that with Huawei mobile devices it will be possible to send SMS via satellite when there is no coverage. But, not calls as in the case of the iPhone 13. In addition, it also points out that the P40 series of the Chinese firm would already be also compatible with this same high-precision Bei Dou system. Even if it is not due to the different US sanctions on the Chinese brand, it is speculated that this functionality could have been used prematurely in one of its phones.

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