If I love! Make your mobile read the notifications for you

It is common that we receive several notifications a day on our smartphone, it can even reach the point that we get tired of reading them. Luckily, and thanks to the progress made in mobile devices, if we now receive a new message we can know what it is thanks to our terminal. How is it possible? Easy, it will be the phone itself who reads the notification to us.

There are several methods for both Android and Apple phones that will help us achieve a goal: not waste our time reading the different notices that come to us every day. Therefore, if you want to forget forever about being aware of notifications from your smartphone, so you can configure your mobile device to do this work for you whenever you want.

Use the Google Assistant on your Android

In the event that you have an Android mobile, we will have the option to activate the function that allows us to read all our notifications aloud. That is to say, our own terminal will be in charge of reading and announcing the notices that come to us or when we decide to do so. In addition, it is one of those adjustments that has gone unnoticed among users.

The best of all this is that we do not need to download any type of third-party applications so that our terminal ends up saying the notifications out loud, as it is a functionality that we can enable from the Google Assistant itself. Yes, how do you read it! If you are interested, this is how you will have to activate it.

Although before we get down to work, it is necessary to mention that in no case will we need to connect some type of headphones to enjoy this advantage. Although there is also the option of wired headphones, in case you only want me to tell you what messages have reached you when you have headphones on. Now yes, this is how you can enable it on your smartphone.

The first thing you will have to do is open the Google Assistant. To do this, you can just say “Ok Google, read my messages” out loud, or also press and hold on the special button to invoke it. If this is the first time we give you this order, we will need to give you permission to be able to perform this action.

Therefore, a pop-up window will appear asking us to accept said permission and in the Access to notifications setting, we will have to click on the assistant of our smartphone. If you want to do it manually, you must enter your Google account and click on Search settings. Then, look for the Voice notifications option. Then, you will only have to enable by clicking on the switch that appears next to it and choose the applications that your mobile will have access to to read the notifications.

Siri will do it for you on your iPhone

In the case of Apple mobiles, they are not left behind in this functionality either, because imagine that you have just arrived home and have too many alerts pending. Just by invoking Siri you will have the possibility to tell you each of the notifications aloud. It will not matter if you have received a WhatsApp message or an email, the Cupertino assistant will do everything for you. Basically it is a function that is designed so that we save time on this, it will even be better than having a smart watch to review the notifications that come to us.

This is a function of the iPhone that requires very specific factors to be given. In addition, as in the case of Android, we will not always have to have headphones. We can have you read everything aloud when we need it. Having said that, we can go on to activate the function so that the messages are announced. Although for the first method we will need to have headphones compatible with Apple. Then, to enable it on our smartphone, we simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Scroll down to the Announce messages with Siri section.
  • Activate the first option that appears.
  • From this moment on, all the messages that reach you when you have the headphones on will be read automatically. Specifically, Siri will play a sound, say the name of the sender of the message and begin to read the content of the message. Obviously for these options to appear you must have a pair of headphones, otherwise they will not appear.
  • In addition, you can customize in the section Announce messages with Siri in Settings the specific senders from whom you want to hear notifications in Siri’s voice. The rest of the notifications will be on the iPhone screen so that you can read them as soon as you can.
  • If by chance you do not have a headset, but you still want Siri to read all your notifications without discriminating the messaging services, calm down because it is possible. You just have to invoke the voice assistant as usual and give the instruction Read all my notifications.

·         The accessibility of your Android will help

  • In the case that we use an Android mobile, we can activate the Accessibility options so that the contents of our screen are also read aloud. It will not be the same as the advanced option of the terminal assistant, but it is still one of those quite useful functionalities that will save us time. In addition, you can tell us from news, messages to any type of text.
  • To do this, we must enter the accessibility settings. Although its location will also depend on the customization layer of our smartphone. If in your case you cannot find them, you just have to search for Accessibility in the search bar, since all phones currently have this possibility.
  • Once we are inside, we only have to click on State selection and activate said option. This will also allow us to select both text and image so that the terminal is able to tell us what is on the panel of our mobile device.
  • And in the iPhone, how is it activated? We also have the VoiceOver option . Even if it is deactivated, we can make our Apple mobile read the selected text or the entire screen aloud. The terminal will also be able to give us information and say text corrections and suggestions aloud as we write. To do this, go to Settings> Accessibility> Read content. In addition, you can also invoke Siri directly and tell it “Read the screen” so that, in case of having the mobile locked, it will read you the possible notifications that have reached you.

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