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If you are going to change mobile. Look for one with the perfect battery!

One of the components that users pay the most attention to is clearly the battery. No matter how good a screen it has or its huge inches, the truth is that this element of every smartphone plays a fundamental point when users decide on one or another smartphone. This is why many people know that the higher the capacity, the better the use they will eventually make of their terminal.

However, many times they only look at a specific aspect, the total capacity to which it can be loaded. However, there are many other characteristics that will have to be looked at in order to find the perfect battery. Since as much as we like a smartphone, the reality is that this element must be up to par for us to opt for that mobile device. Therefore, it is time to find out what you have to look for in this component when you decide to change your phone.

How to choose the best mobile battery?

One of the first aspects that we will have to look at is its capacity. And it is that, like it or not, this factor is essential. Also, for those who do not know, the amount is measured in amperes. Therefore, we will have to look at the figure that appears next to mAh. This will mean the total size, so the higher this number is, it will mean that the better autonomy that certain smartphone will give us.

Although, this detail is only the tip of the iceberg, since we will have to take into account other characteristics as well. As is the case of charging speed, because depending on the brand not only will the fast-charging technology vary, but the speed will also be different for each smartphone. And in this aspect for now OPPO wins with its fast charge at 125W. However, Xiaomi continues to work on a 200W with which it would dethrone any brand.

Then, we will also have to look at wireless charging. In the case that we use this technology, it will be necessary to know if it offers us a better or worse speed. Although the most normal thing is that it is compatible with the Qi standard.

Finally, we cannot forget about the smartphone’s own software in terms of battery. Basically, because each manufacturer has been implementing different security systems so that this component lasts as long as possible. Like those functions that are capable of stopping the charge of the smartphone during the night so that it finishes filling up to 100% before you get up. Or, for example, better saving modes that allow us to have greater autonomy.

And once you have these details, it will be time to search and choose the mobile phone that best suits your needs. Surely, by taking these aspects into account, you will find the perfect battery for a smartphone.

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