If you have a store, do you know that you can use your mobile as a dataphone?

Every time we use physical money less and more cards or mobile, something that is not a problem because most mobile phones already have NFC, allowing us to pay easily. The problem is for those who need a dataphone or POS to charge us.

At least that was the problem until now, since as we are going to explain, you can use your mobile as if it were a dataphone. The process is not complicated and not at all laborious, but we do have to take several things into account before launching into virtual money in our store, bar or business in general.

So you can transform your mobile into a POS

You may be wondering, what do you need for your store to start accepting card payments, for which you should know that dataphones need access to the network or, as is the case, an intermediary, which will be our mobile. By transforming the mobile into our POS, the connection is made via Bluetooth, receiving the signal from the card on the dataphone that we have used and then transferring the information safely and encrypted to the smartphone.

At this point, the phone will only become the point of connection that will connect to the network with the bank to receive the amount inserted into the dataphone. A process that can be more complex to explain than to see in a simple scheme like the one we have shown you.

But before getting our dataphone, it is important to know that most require their own app, as indicated in the instructions for us to make the connection between the mobile and the POS so that the process is successful. We could compare it to the configuration of a smartwatch, so any practitioner can start it up without being an expert.

You just need to install the app, turn on the Bluetooth, activate the device and follow the steps that appear on the screen of the application downloaded from the app store. Once ready, in the dataphone we will put the cost of what has been acquired and we go to the collection or even some in the mobile app offer to integrate our products to make the collections more quickly.

Accessories to collect money “from the mobile”

It is important to remember that the collection is not really made with the smartphone, but the information of the card, smartphone or smartwatch with which customers pay accesses the dataphone to be sent to the mobile and process the order with the banks.

That is why customers will see no difference compared to other stores and security will continue to be present thanks to being devices certified by VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Union Pay and the main entities that develop the cards. We are going to show you which are the dataphones that we can acquire as an accessory to charge with a card on the smartphone without the need to rent a dataphone from the entities.

Sum-up mobile payment kit

This alternative that we find is one of the most complete since more than a dataphone, it makes us have a complete POS with which we can charge with a card, print invoices and perform all the configuration in a simple way with the device or with the smartphone. Its connection with the mobile phone promises to be stable and allow us to be charging at all the tables or places in the store without connection problems.

It does not include any monthly fee, we will only have to pay a commission of 2 cents for each euro of purchase. It is developed to support all kinds of payment tools, such as traditional cards, a mobile phone or a smart watch with access to Google Play or Apple Pay. Its battery has the capacity to accept up to 800 charges without being connected to the current, which makes it independent thanks to its available Wi-Fi connection.

Charge by card with Sum-up Air-Pago

Another model of the same brand that offers a fast and efficient payment system linked to our mobile is this device. Much cheaper and more portable, allowing us the same advantages practically although without an independent connection. In this case, the mobile will have a greater presence and makes it possible for any store to have a dataphone with a commission of 1.5% per transaction.

Like the previous model and all those that we will see, it needs a previous configuration in the mobile app and then maintains the connection through Bluetooth to send the signal with all the data to the banks. In this constraint it also allows and supports payments with the mobile or smartwatch, although with Samsung Pay there are those who have had a problem and therefore it is only recommended to opt for Google Pay or Apple Pay on technological devices. Its battery does not have the same capacity as the previous model, nor will it be able to print tickets. Make your store smart with myPOS Go

Another alternative that we can acquire with the same Bluetooth-based operation, with wide compatibility with cards and mobile payment systems is myPOS go. This mobile POS offers us to have a dataphone for a minimum price, although its valuations are not as good as we would like. It has some other inconvenience with the mobile connection, so it would be suitable for those who are only going to use it in the box and not moving through different areas.

Your application continues to have, like its rival, the possibility of giving us data, checking the level of sales by days, hours and various data summaries that may be relevant to the business. In this case the commission is 1.45% pro sale and there is no information on the battery life.

Are they safe and reliable?

Although we may think that your privacy will not be as high as that of the dataphones offered by banks, the truth is that the protection measures are identical and are linked to the companies that develop the payment systems. If the system integrated in the dataphone detects something suspicious, it will cancel the payment and let us know on its screen, as well as in the smartphone app.

The security of the payment process itself will be more linked to our WiFi network than to the Bluetooth connection process between the mobile and the POS. For this reason, more and more people are encouraged to opt for this solution if the occasions are more profitable and they save on dataphone rentals.

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