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If you’re mobile battery goes bad. It’s time to calibrate it

One of the aspects of mobile devices that generates the most headaches among all users is the battery, it does not matter if the smartphone is the most premium of the brand. Although it is clear that the quality of this component also has a great influence. For this reason, everyone who is looking for a new phone always takes into account the importance that their new mobile offers them good autonomy.

For this reason, more and more manufacturers are increasing the capacity of batteries. However, all brands recommend that, at some point or another, we make a small adjustment on this component so that its degradation over time is much less. Although if you have doubts, we will explain not only how you have to carry out this process, but why you should do it and how often they recommend calibrating the battery of a mobile, either an Android or an iPhone.

Why do we need to calibrate the battery?

For those who do not know, the percentage of charge of a mobile is calculated based on a series of algorithms that the system itself is responsible for executing. That is, the mobile itself is based on the capacity of the battery, the time that we have been charging it and the maximum point that is reached after a while. This is why, if any of these elements fails over time, there will be a deviation in the calculations. And, as a final consequence, it will be to count on this component of the smartphone to become uncalibrated, showing us an erroneous percentage.

So having a calibrated battery is really beneficial. Not only due to the fact that we will have a real and reliable percentage at all times, but also that the mobile will not switch off suddenly. In addition, it will also be healthy for this component of our terminal.

First of all, you have to know that, in the different application stores, we will surely find all kinds of alternatives that ensure this process without any problem. Although, the reality is that we should not trust them, as they are usually counterproductive applications for our smartphone. Therefore, we recommend that you do not trust them, and that you proceed to carry out this process yourself without having the help of any type of third-party software. Even the different manufacturers vary the time in which this action must be carried out. Later, we will tell you which one is advisable.

In addition, in case you did not know, fast charging can also affect the health of the battery, as well as wireless. It is not that the mobile is going to break down, but that there will be small variations in its health, although with a good calibration it can be solved without problems.

How to do it on your Android

Not all manufacturers usually specify how this process should be carried out, so we will explain a general method for all Android phones. In addition, it will be something similar to the one that we will explain later about Apple smartphones, although the steps to follow will vary. Therefore, these will be the steps that you must follow at all times when adjusting this component of your phone.

The first thing we should do is fill the terminal power completely. So you have to plug it in and wait until it is 100% complete. In addition, you do not have to unplug it from the power as soon as it reaches this percentage, leave it for a few more minutes in order to make sure that if it is out of calibration it does not affect the maximum load.

Then it is the turn to discharge the power of the smartphone completely. Once we have fully charged it, we will have two options: use it as usual or use it intensively to reach this goal as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter how you do it, since the goal will always be the same: completely download it by forcing the mobile to turn off by itself.

After it turns off, the mobile will have to be left to rest for at least 4 hours before connecting it to the power again. More than anything because this component can have a residual excess charge that causes decalibration as such. Therefore, during these hours of rest, when it remains discharged, this excess would have to be released by the battery itself.

Now it is time to plug the mobile back into the charger and let it fill its energy again to 100% of its capacity. And when it reaches this percentage, leave it again for a while. Finally, we only have to turn on the mobile again and start using it normally. If you’ve completed these steps, it should already be adjusted and shouldn’t give you trouble again for a while. Well, the ideal is to do this same process every two or three months.

Now it is the turn to calibrate your iPhone

As we said, the process of this configuration for this component is practically similar to any model. However, Apple offers quite precise instructions that we recommend to follow strictly for your mobile devices. Therefore, we will explain the steps that this brand recommends when starting to carry out the calibration on our iPhone.

As in the case of Android, it will be necessary to fill the power of the iPhone to 100% and not unplug it from the current as soon as it reaches this percentage. Then we will have to discharge its battery until it shuts down on its own. So you can use it how you do it regularly or in a more intense way to reach this goal as soon as possible, you decide.

Afterwards, we will have to let it rest between 6 and 8 hours, and not 4 hours as in the case of Android. Basically, Apple recommends this time to do a better calibration. With this rest, we will achieve that the residual excess is completely released. Finally, after having left this time without connecting the mobile device to the current, it will be the turn to put it to charge again and let it complete up to 100%. In addition, they recommend us to put the mobile phone or leave it off so that the phone itself does not consume too much energy during this step.

Finally, it is time to turn on the iPhone and use it as usual. In the event that you had it in airplane mode, the ideal is to restart it. Therefore, once all these steps are completed, we would have it adjusted on our iPhone. In addition, the brand emphasizes that it is best that we carry out this process at least once every month. So, if you attach this importance to this setting, it will be for something.

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