Is your new Xiaomi Mi Band original or fake? Clarify your doubts!

When we get a new Xiaomi bracelet, many times we are not very clear if it is really original or we are facing one of those replicas that are capable of fooling everyone. And it is that, in the world of the Asian firm, there are many false bracelets that circulate on the network and there are always people who bite the hook. Even, despite their low prices, they are not able to get rid of the dreaded clones.

In addition, it is not the first time that the Asian company has to face this great problem. And it is that the copies do not always jump at first sight. Therefore, and so that you do not fall into the trap and can discover at any time when a bracelet is false or original, we are going to let you know all the points that you should take into account. Some of the methods could even help you know if it is fake or not before your purchase.

Look at the characteristics of the Mi Band

One of the first characteristics that we will not find in the copies of these Xiaomi bracelets is that they will not have a heart rate sensor. As much as we are using a good copy, these smartbands that drop in price to even below 10 euros, the truth is that they do not include this type of sensor.

And it is that this fact has been verified in various situations when disassembling them. What really influence the part that sticks to the wrist is a colored LED to simulate that it does have a heart rate sensor. However, if we use it on more than one occasion in a row, we will verify that the result that it is continuously showing us is random and without any type of sense.

As you can see in the image, on the left we find a real sensor that compared to the one on the right you can see how they are so different. Therefore, this will be the main feature that we will have to look at. However, within the manufacturer’s own website all the detailed characteristics will come, so if it is an offer from an online store, take a good look at both its specifications and its price.

More than anything, because a price that is too low can already make us suspect that something is not right. In addition, to avoid falling into the trap of such a striking offer, we will have to look closely at the sellers and trust official stores. In addition, through the opinions of said products or on their social networks, we will be able to know again the opinion of those people who had already decided to buy a Xiaomi Mi Band.

Take a look at your box

At other times, the price is maintained and does not differ much from the original product. It can even appear in online stores like Amazon. So, you have to be careful. For this, we will only have to look at the comments of previous buyers and see if they have uploaded any images of said product.

On many occasions, these people decide to upload images of the product. As in the case of the following image, in which we can see how the box in which the Xiaomi bracelet comes changes a lot. Mainly, looking at one with the other, it is easy to see which is the original and which is not. In one, the Xiaomi logo appears directly and in another the product is called differently.

However, the real trick to finding out if it is a fake is trying to sync with the Mi Fit app. Well, on many occasions, the copy cannot be linked or it does so with too many problems involved. If in your case you have a copy, the box itself may recommend installing another third-party app and not the official Xiaomi one. If this is your case, the truth is that you will have a copy.

In addition, another of the details that will make us suspect is that if you are one of those who do not remove the bracelet even to shower and you begin to notice that it gives you problems. The truth is that you will have a copy of a Mi Band, since the original is totally waterproof and should not give you any problems.

Check the code of your Mi Band

Let’s go to the last trick or method that will not fail us at any time. If by any chance you can get to link with the Mi Fit application, but with too many problems. You can use this method to remove your doubts and make sure if it is original or not. In the event that it is a real Mi Band, but it is giving you problems, we recommend you go to the store where you bought it to solve it.

But, first, it is time to make sure that we are looking at an original Xiaomi smartband. To do this, there is an infallible way. We can do it both with the pill of the bracelet, or if we have the product box. For the first, we will have to remove the capsule from the strap and check one of its sides, since one of them will have a kind of code. Although it will depend on the model, since old versions will not have the 20-digit code and we will have to look for it in the box.

On the other hand, if you still have the box and your bracelet does not have this enumeration, you can choose to look at the barcode that comes in said package. You will have to look at the number that begins with SN, yes, you will have to scratch said sticker where said enumeration will appear.

Then, either with one of the two codes, you will have to go to this official Xiaomi page where you can verify if the product you have purchased is original or not. If it is original, a message should appear with a green tick in which you assure that your product is an official version. If not, unfortunately you have a fake bracelet.

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