Kami: A magic pencil to write down in PDF

Ideal for meetings, classes and presentations.

In the era of paper, sharing a document involved making as many photocopies as there were assistants in a class or meeting room.

Currently it is as easy as sending the document in question, be it PDF, Word, Excel or RTF. Moreover, through online services such as Google Docs, Office 365 or iCloud we can share a document through several devices and edit it in real time.

The advantages are obvious. From each device, each assistant is able to contribute their grain of sand and, from a projector, see the result to reach the objective of the meeting or presentation, professional or academic.

Kami is another example, focused on education but that can also be used in the professional field. As defined by its authors, it is our “pencil and digital paper” so that we can teach through collaboration . The only requirements, have a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access.

The virtual vitamin blackboard

Writing in PDF or editing a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document is nothing new, but in Kami everything is designed to facilitate the task, either in private or in public areas , in front of other people who collaborate or not in the edition.

Compatible with any browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, Kami can open any PDF document, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, RTF, Google Slides, Google Sheets and even JPG, PNG or GIF images.

Its objective is to offer us a palette of tools to annotate in PDF or any document, draw, add figures or images, highlight text of interest.

Another feature is that it allows us to work with documents hosted in Google Drive and even integrate it into the Google Classroom service for educational centers.

Team up

Being an online tool, collaboration functions can not be absent.

In this aspect, in addition to the main user it is possible to add more users to edit a document in a team, ideal for active classes or for work meetings.

This does not mean that we can take advantage of Kami for personal use , serving as a tool to annotate in PDF, include comments, highlight phrases or paragraphs, etc..

Three versions to choose

Kami is free in its basic version. After registering, we can edit and annotate, highlight text, include comments and geometric figures, write freehand … On the other hand, allows you to save the work in Google Drive, manually.

And if we want to apply Kami to an educational or professional environment, there are two payment accounts by subscription that includes a main user and dozens of additional users, for collaborative functions , as well as automatic saving and more useful functions, such as an equation editor, voice and video notes and even text-to-speech transcription.

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