Let nothing slow down your Samsung. This function will be your great ally

Over the years, Samsung mobiles have had fewer system apps, although just a while ago we had a good handful of applications installed by default, also known as bloatware. And it is that the customization layer of the South Korean brand is responsible for providing us with different software tools, which we will use more or less. And, to these, we must add the entire list of third-party software that we will install as time goes by on our own. So it will make us get together very easily with dozens and dozens on our mobile.

What is clear is that we do not open all the software that we have installed with the same frequency. It is not the same to be continuously talking on WhatsApp, than to open the bank’s app or the one designed to measure the steps we have taken in a day. However, they are executed more or less frequently, the reality is that they can consume resources as well, as they will continue to be anchored in the background.

And although there is always the option of closing them from time to time through the process window, it can be a solution. But, it is not something that you should use in the long term, as it could affect the life of the battery of our Samsung. Therefore, we will explain a better method.

Add apps to the always sleep function

One of the advantages of having a Samsung mobile device is that they offer us a great variety to increase the performance of our terminal. And not only this, but it also offers us the possibility that the autonomy of the smartphone improves considerably. As is the function that we present today and with which you can manually suspend the software that you do not use.

Many times we do not realize that we accidentally leave apps open and this causes both the performance and the energy of our terminal to be affected. Or, there are even different apps that work in the background without us having given any kind of permission to said software. So you always have to pay attention to this aspect to take action.

If in your case you want to disable a certain app, this Samsung function is made for you. The first thing you should do is slide up or down on the panel of your mobile to access the Applications screen. Then, enter the settings and look for the Maintenance section of the device.

Once inside, it will show us different elements such as Battery, Storage, Memory and Security. Then, click on the first option and access Applications always on suspension. Of course, these steps may vary depending on the version of One UI you have, so you will also have to try entering Battery> Application power management> Applications deep sleep. Even if you change the name, your role will remain the same. With this tool, we can assign ourselves the software on our mobile device that we do not want to ever run in the background again. Although, as we will comment later on, it can pose different problems for us.

Once there, we will only have to click on Add applications and select those apps that we want to always be inactive. We recommend you put all those that you never want to use again and you cannot easily delete from your terminal as is the case with Samsung’s bloatware.

What problems have you got?

One of the main disadvantages that we face with this function is that we have to do it on our own. In other words, we ourselves will be the ones who will have to select one by one the apps that we want to no longer be active in the background on our mobile device. In addition, it must be clear that once we have introduced a software within this function, we will stop receiving all kinds of notifications and updates. Therefore, if we want to review any notice or have an update, we will have to access it again whenever we want.

Make your mobile deactivate them for you

In the event that you don’t want to do it yourself, since it seems like a waste of time or too much trouble, you are in luck, since your Samsung mobile device can do it for you. And, having granted the appropriate permissions, we may not have opened an app for more than a month, but as we said, it is capable of being executed at the beginning, consuming RAM memory as a secondary process and ending the duration of our battery.

Luckily, Samsung has a smart function so that we can control the apps that we use the least and that do not consume resources. In this way, we will not have to access them even in pop-up view mode and it will not be necessary to add them to the list of Applications always suspended. We refer to the function Disable unused applications. And it is that its main objective is to automatically deactivate software that has not been used during the last 30 days. In this way, we will prevent its secondary processes from running within the system itself, and thus prevent them from consuming RAM and battery.

In order to activate this function, you will have to enter the menu that we mentioned before. Therefore, access the apps panel of your smartphone and then tap on Settings. After this, we go to the bottom until we find the Maintenance section of the device. Once you are inside, you will have to click on Battery again and then select on the three points in the upper right.

Now, it will be the turn to touch on Settings and click on the switch to disable unused applications so that the function is enabled in our Samsung. However, depending on the version of Samsung software you have installed, you will no longer have this option, so you will have to resort to the Adaptive Battery function. Even so, whether it is one function or another, they will make more sense even if we combine it with the one called Suspend unused applications, which is above, as we can see in the previous image.

In this way we will not only leave possible margin so that the software that we do not use can consume any resources, but they will also be totally suspended. Therefore, we will once again achieve that they stop consuming resources completely, and that the performance of our smartphone is once again optimal at all times. Even, the phone’s battery consumption will be greatly improved.

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