Look at the Boston Dynamics robot doing parkour

The robot is already capable of jumping obstacles of 40 centimeters with great naturalness.

Boston Dynamics continues to surprise (and frighten us) with Atlas , the robot that can move with great agility. The company does not rest on making improvements, now it has shared a video where we can see the new Atlas specialization: the parkour . Yes, you read well, the robot can follow its path despite having several obstacles of different heights. You can appreciate it yourself in the following video:

How have they achieved it? The Massachusetts company mentions that * the control software can use the entire body of the robot. Legs, arms and torso gather the energy necessary to jump the obstacles of 40 centimeters without breaking the rhythm. The agility of their movements impress quite. They continue to approach the motor capabilities of a human being.
Atlas uses computer vision to locate and jump at the right time. His calculations are very precise, otherwise it would be impossible to achieve parkour. The progress in software is very significant, since it is not enough to calculate the movements of your extremities, now it is necessary to measure the strength of the jumps and for the moment the results are very positive.

The robot weighs 75 kilograms and measures 1.5 meters , which is why Boston Dynamics defines it as the “most dynamic humanoid in the world”. We have no doubt about it, to date we have not seen another robot that is capable of achieving something similar.

In spite of the great advances, at the moment the company still does not find profitability for its prototypes . The balance sheets of the company have not been made public, but everything indicates that it remains in the red. We do not know what Atlas’s next move will be, but Parkour has surprised us again.

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