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Microsoft announces the end of Windows 7

The operating system will no longer receive support from its parent company. The above means that it will become a more insecure platform and, with the passage of time, obsolete.

After 10 years of receiving support, Microsoft will abandon Windows 7 to concentrate its efforts on the development of new products. This was announced by the company, through its website, in which it offers brief recommendations regarding this fact, which undoubtedly affects more than one user.

Specifically, the end of the support that to date Microsoft continues to provide Windows 7 will be next January 14.

The above, as described by the technology company, means that Microsoft will no longer provide: technical support to users of this operating system when a problem is presented, software updates and security updates or fixes.

The director of cloud products for Microsoft summarized the previous points in two: greater risk of being infected by a virus, or malware, and the future obsolescence of the team.

The teams will be more insecure because the Microsoft workers will stop patching the gaps, that is, if an attacker later discovers a door in the system through which he can get in and do damage, he will be able to do it without any resistance.

Regarding obsolescence, software developers will stop offering versions of their programs for this operating system.

However, the above does not mean that the machines are going to be unusable, on the contrary, they will continue to work, but with the details described above.

In this regard, he recommends companies update their equipment, since obsolescence and insecurity represent major problems for it. However, recognizes that an investment like this can be high, which is why many companies do not update their equipment, not only for the cost of them, but because there are cases in which they would also have to allocate resources to make new versions of the software with which your employees work.

Finally, he assured that this was not a decision that was taken lightly, or by one or another special factor. The reason why Windows 7 will begin to disappear is because it has already completed its cycle, 10 years is the period in which this company invests efforts to bring their solutions to life.

It is important to clarify that Microsoft did not make this decision overnight, in fact, it was announced about two years ago, when it offered, free of charge, the update to a new version.

Possible solutions for those who resist change

From the outset, it must be said, there is no free alternative that allows a person or organization to continue driving Windows 7 and enjoy security and updates.

Among the alternatives that are presented for those who are affected by this news is to buy an update software, or pay for an extended time support to Microsoft.

However, he insists that the main recommendation will always be to buy a new machine, because Microsoft, as an operating system, has worked on updates such as touch screens and faster logins.

Among the recommendations offered by Microsoft to this news is to make a backup, to prevent any loss or theft of information.

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