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MIUI 12.5 problems that MIUI 13 will have to fix

The next layer of Xiaomi customization will not only have to have different functionalities that improve this software system of the Chinese brand, but it will also have to solve a series of bugs that to date have not been able to be fixed. Or, even, that they continually appear on different smartphones when updating to MIUI 12.5.

And it is that now we will not only care about the news that MIUI 13 will bring to the smartphones of the Asian manufacturer, but users hope that a series of errors that have caused their users to be unhappy will be corrected forever. For this reason, these are the most important flaws that the next version of Xiaomi’s software layer will have to deal with.

The most troublesome MIUI 12.5 bugs

The key will not only be to have an improved version of Xiaomi’s operating system, but also that the brand has come to create a specialized website in the face of the large number of errors that have been presented in smartphones that have updated to MIUI 12.5. And it is no wonder, since this update began to be implemented, errors have not stopped adding up. For this reason, the users of the Chinese firm wish that with the next version they will not have to suffer the following problems again:

  • Frequent blackouts on the touch screen when receiving notifications.
  • Dark mode stops working.
  • Xiaomi smartphones get slower when updating.
  • Errors in calls, when connecting to Wi-Fi and activating mobile data.
  • The touch panel does not work properly.
  • The update may leave your mobile device out of space.

How can they be fixed?

Many of the users have directly reported these bugs to Xiaomi in search of a possible solution so as not to have to wait for version 13 of their software. Well, an official date has not yet been set, since they have recently presented an improved version of their layer that has been named as MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition. More than anything, the intention of the Asian manufacturer is to finally offer with this version of its layer a complete correction to the large number of errors that have been presented not only with version 12.5, but also with the previous update.

For this reason, the route of implementation of this improved software already began a few days ago through the Global ROM, so there will be less and less for it to start arriving in Spain and put an end to all the failures that have occurred in the last months with the latest updates of the customization layer of the Chinese firm.

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