Mobile 1, flood 0: the Huawei that resisted 3 days under water

One of the great advantages of high-end mobiles is protection against water, a point in favor that has served the Huawei Mate 30 Pro of a user to escape unscathed. Possibly the biggest test of endurance he has ever had to survive against and it still turned out well.

Although it is something that nobody wants to be involved in, it gives some peace of mind to know that if our mobile falls into the water and spends several days submerged, then it will continue to work. The water protection of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro has more than proven to work as expected and exceed the expectations of its owner.

The Huawei mobile that survived a flood

In central China’s Henan province, there have been severe storms since last week, causing many families to be severely affected. Rains that have wiped out everything in their path, leaving material damage worth more than 180 million dollars, in addition to the chilling figure of 60 deaths.

However, there are devices that have managed to survive, such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. The terminal of the Chinese firm with IP68 protection has managed to spend 3 days under water since the user lost it between storms and water that flooded your home. Now that the cleaning has begun, he has been able to find his smartphone among the rubble, liters of water and mud, which surprisingly continues to work without apparent problems.

Through the social network Weibo has released this news, showing in a video how the smartphone with the only help of a silicone case continues to receive calls and can be used without apparent problems.

This resistance is not the usual

Although our mobile has this IP68 protection, we cannot do with it everything we want, starting by wetting it with some care. The resistance of the manufacturers is merely aimed at water and therefore no one assures us that it will be able to overcome a catastrophe like the one that this terminal has endured, where the mud has been very present. We remember that IP68 protection serves as a barrier for liquids for a set time, which is not even up to 3 days as is the case.

But not only everything that has endured underwater is striking, but also the number of blows that the terminal has had to suffer. This reminds us that this particular model has resistance Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on its front and that it has undoubtedly more than fulfilled.

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