Mobile vapor chambers. This way they avoid overheating!

The technology controlling temperature, or also known as liquid cooling system, carry us are nothing new. The truth is that they have been with us for several years. And, fortunately, as time has passed, they have also been incorporated into the smartphone sector. Although previously they could only be found on computers, today we have already witnessed their arrival on mobile devices. In this case, for example, the best known are steam chambers.

Therefore, it is important to know exactly what this technology is and how it works in our phones, and which are the lucky smartphones to have these cameras. Although, it will also be necessary to know whether or not they are really beneficial for the terminals. Basically, because for a few years we have not seen a terminal with this technology feature again. However, at present they are talking about its resurgence again, as is the case of the future Samsung Galaxy S of 2022.

What are mobile vapor chambers?

We have witnessed how over time the processors of mobile phones have been gaining much more power year after year. So, it allows us to have a better performance than before, as well as greater efficiency in every way. Although not everything is positive as it seems, without forgetting that they offer us a remarkable user experience.

However, it is making more and more sense to have a technology or system that is capable of dissipating the hot air that is generated inside the device itself. Well, it will not only be necessary for its structure and design to help this, but we are seeing how with these systems the maximum performance that a terminal can offer us is further increased. A fact that has been seen to a greater extent with the arrival of gaming smartphones.

This is why these steam chambers have become an ideal cooling system for phones. For this reason, and given the advancement of gaming phones, different mechanisms have been launched that allow users to make the most of their phone without finally overheating.

A factor that is important to avoid, since the mobile itself can suffer failures due to the high temperatures it reaches. An advantage also for the user, who has to hold the phone at all times while playing, watching videos or working. In this way, these steam chambers have made more and more sense.

The great job of this cooling system

Now is the time to know exactly what they consist of or, rather, the time to find out how the steam chambers work. These are based on a metal conduit that is attached to an element that is to be cooled, in the case of telephones it is the processor. Therefore, this system has a liquid compound inside it, which is designed to make it possible to cool the desired component.

In addition, it also has an exchange zone so that, in this way, the heat that is generated becomes steam, and then it will be able to cool. Once this process is done, it is condensed again. And that is why one of the important advantages that these steam chambers offer us compared to other systems such as heat pipes is that they are basically flat. In this way, they are able to cover a much larger surface on the mobile, giving us greater performance.

This technology consists of a closed circuit, which is metallic and in it we can find the liquid that we have mentioned above, it should also be noted that it is at low pressure. Thanks to this, it makes it possible for the processor of the mobile device to be kept at a normal temperature at all times.

For this reason, it is why they stand out compared to other systems, largely because of their effectiveness in avoiding possible increases in the temperature of the terminal. Although, we have seen how its presence in the smartphone market is somewhat limited. Basically, because they are expensive to produce and many manufacturers prefer not to have steam chambers despite their benefits. In addition, it would clearly mean an increase in the price of the phone that had this cooling system.

What Android mobiles have this mechanism?

The presence of steam chambers on Android was on the rise for a while, but eventually stopped. Although it may be that by next year, we will have these again in mobile devices from giants like Samsung. Leaving aside that, today, gaming smartphones have different systems like this one. However, with the increase in the power of the terminals, their permanence in the future will be inevitable.

For example, the LG G8, arrived at the beginning of 2019, it was one of those that was decided to have the steam chambers. Although, the first smartphone, in this case gaming, that opted for this type of cooling was the Razer Phone 2, at the end of 2018. In other words, gaming mobile devices were the first models with Android to add this cooling to their hardware.

Although, a few months after the arrival of the LG G, Samsung also surprised everyone with the launch of its Galaxy S10 +, which also had these steam chambers inside. However, to date we have not seen a smartphone with this liquid cooling that is not within the gaming mobile sector.

And all this despite the good results offered by these models, but there is no doubt that cost influences a lot. Although, with the passage of time this system has acquired a smaller size and, therefore, they are thinner, but without losing efficiency. For this reason, the question arises as to whether we will see this type of liquid cooling in more terminals that do not belong to the gaming world.

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