Nero 2019, these are your tools for android and iPhone mobiles

The Nero 2019 suite not only includes computer programs and utilities. There is also a collection of applications with many uses. These are:

If you are a fan of the Nero software suite, you should know that the 2019 edition also has a few tools for mobile. And it is that in Nero they have noticed that users are using more and more the small screens they always carry with them. Therefore, in Nero 2019, we find a good selection of tools for mobile users. Some of them focused on managing video content hosted on other devices or storage, but connected through the Internet. 

This is Nero 2019, understood as a suite or set of tools and functions. Of course, there are two distinct versions. One is the Standard 2019, with a price of 80 euros, and another Platinum 2019, which for 100 euros unlocks all the functions and extra abilities so that there is no limit when creating, recording, copying, changing format, play or re-transmit in streaming. Of course, this time there is a whole selection of mobile applications to accompany and sweeten the experience of the PC recording program..


Nero 2019 has a series of applications focused on providing users with all their content spread over computers, connected hard drives and mobiles. In addition to supplying other needs that are always more comfortable through mobile than a computer. These applications are available for free in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Of course, if we do not have the Nero Platimun 2019 version, some of its features are limited.

  • DriveSpan : With this application you can access all the contents distributed by computers and hard disks connected to the same WiFi network. Create links between these devices to access all information wirelessly through any of them.
  • Nero Streaming Player : It is a tool with which to stream or take your mobile content directly to the TV through the Internet. This way you can see your files as videos or music on other devices without cables, either the TV or any device compatible with DLNA.
  • WiFi + Transfer : with this application you can link your mobile and your computer wirelessly to take your photos, videos and music, etc. between one and another. All this with a direct connection to the Nero MediaHome program, where you can list everything and reproduce it.
  • Nero Receiver : It’s a twist to the concept of WiFi + Transfer. In this case the application allows linking mobile / tablet with the computer to play any photo, music or video stored in the latter. It also provides other virtues such as geolocating photos, creating slide shows, or organizing galleries around people by recognizing faces.
  • Nero AirBurn : This tool works hand in hand with Nero Burning Rom. In this case, instead of copying CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray, what it allows is to select a series of files and add them to a project on the PC. In this way, and from Nero Burning Rom, you can create a data disc with mobile files.
  • Nero KnowHow : this application is the closest thing to a user manual that you can find about all the services and tools of Nero 2019. It is completely detailed and specified. It is a great complement for those who start with the Nero 2019 suite, either from the computer or from the mobile.

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